Goodbye Voyager, Hello Conquest!

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
As one would have never expected, a phoenix has risen from the ashes of <i>Mortal Kombat Conquest</i>. Once thought to be left treading water without a lifeline of a network syndicate and banished into the depths of television's own outworld, <i>Conquest</i>, after a 10 month hiatus, is the strong candidate to replace <I>Star Trek: Voyager</I> on <A HREF="">UPN</A> next season. Although the <A HREF="">news story</A> only says that <i>'Mortal Kombat'</i> is being brought in to replace <i>Voyager</i>, it is pretty safe to say that <I>Conquest</I> will be the one, since <A HREF="">Threshold Entertainment</A> still has the television rights to the <i>Mortal Kombat</i> franchise. Expect to hear from Threshold about this news soon.