Give Shinnok love!


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Shinnok might have some scrawny arms, but he backhands the hell out of your jaw in his X-Ray!

I'm going to laugh my ass off every time whenever I use the Necromancer Variation and do his X-Ray move. Seeing your opponent getting B!TCH slapped with that skeletal hand would be so funny.


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Back in MK4, what he did to our favourite talking lizard still remains one of the biggest "WTF?!" moments in games...



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Shinnok is my second main. Instantly became my second favorite character because of his personality in MKX. From the voice to the way he dresses, i love the iness of this character. But they def did him dirty in the story. Having Cassie defeat him is a joke. I really hope this does not continue in the next game.


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I also have been playing a lot of Shinnok lately. At first I could figure out how he was supposed to be played then it all clicked eventually. I love this character and he's quickly climbing near the top of my stats page.

I agree about his defeat in the story mode. Couldn't it have at least but a very dramatic death like when you play Klassic Towers?


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Shinnok is a good character and a good design for him but the corrupted boss version of him is just plain goofy in my opinion. He is a solid character overall.


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I don't get Boon's lack of love for him as a boss.
Sure, he was a playable and also beatable guy in MK4. But so were the other bosses and subs from DA and Deception.
Yes, his appearance, that doesn't seem scary; his moves might lack originality as well. Otherwise who becomes the main boss of the Netherrealm? Quan Chi has been spoken about. He may get his time. Perhaps it might be neither and the Oni might emerge. Either way, both of them don't have the same amount of aura and the invincibility that Kahn had in MK2 and MK3.


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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I'm curious about Shinnok's ending.
If the One Being's reemergence ends all the lives of the other Elder Gods and "this reality"
doesn't that mean that
Shinnok himself is "ended"
as well?