"Get N or Get Out!"- Best Video Game/Console Commercials

Metal Overlord

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For me, you guessed it, the 90s commercials

It's not even me just going "MAAAAAAH CHILDHOOOOOOOOD <3 <3 <3" whenever I see the N64 or the PS1 logo pop up

I really thought old school ads were just the best; a lot of them are cheesy, yeah, but they were also funny and entertaining

They really made you interested in the game, and they had this sort of quirkiness to them that I loved

Here are a couple of my favorites:

What? Yeah, it's a Got Milk commercial, but I never said you couldn't do video game product tie-in commercials :proud:


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I used to stay up real late just so I could watch and try to record this commercial on tv. This is hands down the best. I was mesmerized and watching it now today brings so much up from a time and place words can not describe. Unless they are descriptive words...


Metal Overlord

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Lol, funny thing is, I was just watching that MK2 commercial a few hours ago, as a matter of fact it was what inspired me to make this thread in the first place


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lol metal, if youre only 17 then the 90's isnt really your childhood. my and rook's childhood was though. i remember that mk2 commercial. classic stuff. remember all the snes commercials? "now youre playing with superpower".

Metal Overlord

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Lol Destroyer I wasn't actually saying that I was a 90s kid, what I meant by that was that a lot of N64/PS1 games were my first games that I played growing up as a kid, which is why I feel nostalgiac everytime I see the N64 and PS1 logos


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Best commercial ever:

God damn, I haven't seen that commercial since 1992-ish. It's still great and infomercials are still exactly like that.

Sky Valley

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one of my all time favorites

modern nintendo would never do something this cool.

and I love this one, so bad, yet so good.