GameSpot's Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming

Patrick McCarron

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The original Mortal Kombat is given "The Legend" status for it's hidden Reptile easter egg in GameSpot's new feature, Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming. The article discusses how legendary the Reptile easter egg in the original Mortal Kombat was because of how difficult it was to perform. This egg was just the start to the many eggs hidden throughout all the future Mortal Kombat games, and still remains the most remembered.
It was so difficult to pull this Mortal Kombat trick off that most players doubted it was even possible. But this was no simple wives' tale. If you satisfied a very specific set of requirements, you could face off against a green ninja at the bottom of the game's Pit stage. To face Reptile, first you had to be playing on one of the later revisions of the game. Then you had to fight on the Pit stage on one of those rare occasions when some shadowy item is flying in front of the moon. This didn't happen all that often, but when it did, you needed to beat your opponent without getting hit and without touching the block button.
I remember the feeling i had when i first pulled that was like i found the holy grail