GameSpot E3 2004 Deception Hands-on Preview

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
<a href="">GameSpot</a> is hot out of the chutes with a massive three-paged <a href="">pre-show preview</a> of the show-floor version of <strong>Mortal Kombat: Deception</strong>. Here is a snippet on the game's Konquest mode.

<blockquote style="color:#FF9900">
When you do finally get around to completing the goals that will move the story forward, your character will start to age, and your character model will mature as you go. One of the coolest elements of the free-roaming mode is the environment that features a population of folk who are going about their business. You'll actually be able to talk to the characters you'll see, who will often offer tips for unlocking the plethora of secrets in the game. Whereas MK: Deadly Alliance used the Krypt mode to hide the bulk of the game's extras, MK: Deception is stocking up Konquest mode to be the premier place for getting the cool stuff. You'll see characters, such as Scorpion or Sub-Zero, in certain areas, but when you go to investigate, they'll disappear. Discovering how to find these characters--and the many others crammed into the mode--will be one of the many mysteries you'll have to solve. </blockquote>

Basically, the <b>GameSpot</b> article blew the doors off of the version of the game up at E3. There wont be much to add to their preview; therefore, I extremely suggest you read the GameSpot article. We will have our own impressions of the game; however, the simple part of fact reporting has been covered by this article. Expect personal impressions and details on <strong>Midway Arcade Treasures 2</strong> from us this E3.