Gameplay Improvements


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Hello all. I started this thread to discuss and consolidate the gameplay glitches, hopeful tweaks, and improvements that you all have noticed or would like to see in future patches. Here's a few of my suggestions to get us started...

General Gameplay

Throwing: Though throwing has been made more integral in this round of MK, it is severely lacking in some areas. Most noticeably when trying to punish an opponent while they are still animating a move. Example: Scorpion throws his spear as you jump over it. Upon landing you try to throw him but your throw passes right through him because he is not 'done animating' his spear. I find this most often when teleporting behind an opponent during a move and trying to punish them. Also, the animation for a successful throw-counter takes WAAAAY too long, imo.

Uppercutting: Again, the hit detection seems to be off quite a bit on occasion. However, my biggest gripe is when both you and your opponent uppercut at the same time, you simply pass through each other. Now, in a game that is 60 fps and counts frames at 60 frames of animation per second, I find it VERY hard to believe that me and my opponent are hitting down and 2 on the same frame so often. I would also love to see a double uppercut cancel that knocks both players back to about sweep distance when it DOES happen.

Misc Moves: Time and again I have experienced my moves passing right through my opponent when trying to punish them DURING their move animation. Very very very frustrating. This seems to happen more online than off, however I've experienced it so much that I've grown quite frustrated with it.

Misc Combos: I've seen many characters that the combo counter fails to tally correctly. I'll add examples momentarily for this.

Sub Zero

Ice clone hit box: This move is all over the place with its hit detection. I find that there are many times that an opponent can be standing right inside the edge of it without being frozen. Also low sweeps seem to pass right through it with no problem.

Ground Ice: As many others have stated, animation for this move takes entirely too long rendering it useless unless used as EX and only against turtling. Oh how I miss the day of the jump kick > ground ice> uppercut.

Slide: Again with the hit box detection. Sliding through an opponent that is still in falling animation only to be punished thereafter for what should have been a successful hit is aggravating to say the least.


Nomad Dash: This move is Kabal's primary skill. Though it is labeled as a 'wake up' move, it doesn't behave as such. Compare wake up Nomad Dash to Raiden's wake up torpedo and you will see my complaint. Using wake up Nomad Dash should be MUCH MUCH faster.

Quan Chi

Trance: I've said it before and I'll say it again.... WTH is up with the looooonnngg animation for this move? Let's get back to whipping ass, not animating jazz hands for 2 seconds.


Hellfire: Do I see why he was given this move? Yes, to open up turtles. But as others have stated, it should not track you while you in the air.

Scorpion's Throw: I just hate it. That's all. It's the dumbest throw in the game. lol

*** That's just a few things I wanted to get off my chest.... I'll add more as I remember them. Would love to hear your thoughts as well!


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1. First step : get rid of ALL unblockable features in some moves, as Nightwolf thunder cloud, Scorpion Hellfire, Shao Khan Hammer thrown, etc ..... it's a shame on NRS allows that exist such thing, I think any move must be possible to be blockable : high, low, or both, but, blockable somehow.

2. Next : make throws be nullified for any button other than only 1 and 3

3. Make X-Ray to have a input command sequence as more or less like SSF4 special moves; I think could be cooler , and so, valorize more the use of X-Ray.

4. Make cumulatives "3-level bar" : once you filled the 3 levels, a second 3-levels bar allows to accumulated more levels, letting you acumulate like 5 "3-levels bar" if you want it, or if you can do it. It's your problem if you could want to use all 15 levels bar at once or not !


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I might agree with your last point.

Honestly, before this games release if somebody said "Let's give one of the characters a full screen unblockable, with quick start up, which follows the other character" few people would have nodded and said "Yes please!"


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1) Kung Lao's spin and Kano UpBall speed, but we know these moves will be nerfed a bit with the next patch

2) I just HATE when online I hit my opponent with a low hit while he is blocking standing and he blocks the hit anyway. or when he is duck blocking and my medium hit doesn't work...