GameCube MKD Exclusive Characters Revealed

Patrick McCarron

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The latest issue of Nintendo Power Magazine has revealed that the new GameCube exclusive characters in Mortal Kombat Deception are going to be non-other than former end bosses Shao Kahn and Goro. The magazine had an interview with Mortal Kombat:Deception Lead Designer, Ed Boon, had this to say about what the addition of the new characters brings to the game:
They are going to bring big, massive power moves. With their size, players are going to to be power characters, and that's exatcly what they will be. They will also have some brutal fatality moves.
We are still expecting the GameCube release to happen sometime before Summer 2005.

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I can't wait for the gamecube version. I've played it with friends on PS2, so I know it's a great game.

Though to be honest the two extra characters do seem like a disapointment to me. And will the gamecube be getting Kollector's editions with the second disc?
srry for the double post but ignore the last post. I thought u meant to say it to 7th. Like Malitor said, those guys are gonna be cheap. Something tells me Noob-Smoke isnt the sub-boss anymore. Also, I would love to see there fatallities, hara kiris and endings.