GAME: Mortal Kombat: Pit Blaster!


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Hey, everyone!

I would like to share with you a short game I've made. It's an extremely super serious game about helping Raiden fly and battle his way out of The Pit.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know of any criticism or feedback you have for it.

Mortal Kombat: Pit Blaster

"Help Raiden zap away enemies before he meets his demise in... THE PIT!

Use the cursor to click and drag Raiden across the screen and the SPACE bar to launch powerful lightning bolts (loaded from collecting falling Kidd Thunders!)."

Yes, it can be beaten.

And yes, there is an ending. :p


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I gotta say, this was pretty fun. I was able to beat it with at least 25% health so it wasn't too easy. A good difficulty to allow me to have fun.

Personally I really enjoy rail shooters so I'm glad that it was this type of game. As far as me playing it over and over again I don't see it happening but overall I had fun.

I give it a solid 7/10


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Thanks! Yeah, it was just a very short and quick project as I had never made any kind of game before. If I were to make another, I would surely make some improvements on it which hopefully would provide more replayability.

I tried replaying the game enough to make it easy enough to beat and yet still challenging enough to fail if you weren't paying attention or using all the features. Really glad it seems to come off as a fair difficulty.

Thanks for the feedback! =)


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Haha, thanks! Remember to stock up those Kidd Thunder bolts. ;)

No problem. What program did you use to make it?

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A freebie software called Construct 2! Well it's not totally free but I was at least able to use it to make this mini game. There are certain features you have to pay well over $100 to use, which I'm not that willing to fiddle around with making a game as a hobby, haha.

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They could add a minigame like this in one of newer MKs, instead of Galaga. Why Liu Kangs are all fat, were they kissed by Kitana before falling off bridge?