Game Informer's Mythologies Preview Answers Many Questions

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Better late than never... There is a <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">review</A> of Mythologies on <A TARGET="_top" HREF="">Game Informer</A>. Within this preview Game Informer states that, <FONT COLOR="#FF8000"><I>"We believe that Sub-Zero's ultimate goal is to obtain the Lost Amulet from the new Mortal Kombat bad-boy, Shinnok, who is also the last boss in MK4."</I></FONT> Whoa, now doesn't that sound familiar? They also mention, <FONT COLOR="#FF8000"><I>"Look for this title on the PlayStation this September, with the N<SUP>64</SUP> version following in October."</I></FONT> So it seems like that answers the mystery release dates