Galloping Ghost Arcade Wants You!


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A short blurb: The Galloping Ghost Arcade in the Chicago suburb Brookfield, Illinois is looking to expand in both capacity and number of games. Opening in 2010, the arcade has grown from 118 games to 410+, to which the main floor of the arcade can't hold them all anymore. The plan is to buy out the business adjacent to the arcade's main floor and the offices (located on the other side of the building), and turn it into one gigantic floor of arcade, video, pinball, and PC gaming.

This place is amazing, and as a regular, I recommend all of you to come out at least once to play the awesome selection of games here.

If you want to see the arcade scene grow and prosper, please take a minute to look at the Galloping Ghost Arcade's Kickstarter. The current Kickstarter goal is $100,000, with the overall goal to cover everything being $500,000. The current donations total in around $20,000. That said, if you can donate anything at all, Doc and the rest of the GGA staff would be very appreciative. Please share this with anyone you know that would be interested in this. I've personally thrown in $150 towards the project before the Kickstarter was announced, but you can add any amount you like.
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