Future Possibilities for Raiden


I agree with the respect for the tournament-feel of the MK franchise, and the storytellers never really worked on any of the romance-lines to develop anything interesting, so all we're left with is some nice 'cuteness' between Johnny/Sony, but I'm still hopeful (maybe there will be some intriguing monkey-wrench in the future).

I'd also like to see Kung Lao make some kind of strange return and challenge Raiden's dominion (and lose!), so we get a better sense of why should honor Raiden the way we do (is it just the electricity?). Maybe Raiden and Kung Lao could work together too and make some kind of Batman+Robin move.



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I just hope to see Fujin come back and have him be a more integral ying to Raiden's yang in the next MK game.
I'm hoping that Dark Raiden loses his mind and over-steps his bounds / abuses his powers according to the elder gods, and the elder gods choose Fujin as their next protector of EarthRealm.
I'd like to see more of the post-MK3 characters being introduced in the next MK story, in more than just a passing conversation with Li Mei and Bo Rai Cho with Raiden in MKX, or having Fujin appear for 1 scene only to never be seen again.
The next MK story should cover more of these characters, like Sareena, which also happened to have a crappy 2 second cameo in MKX.