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Yeah, I figured as much, but thought I'd put for anyone interested.

Personally, I think Injustice 3 is in the works (it would be odd not to finish up that storyline), and if the MK11 reveal / VGAs is the new pattern for revealing their stuff, then.... December / VGAs for a reveal and mid-April (as usual) of 2022 for the release.
I highly doubt were getting anything (MK11 related or otherwise) revealed at E3.


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WB Games is said to be there to show Back 4 Blood, so people in the fanbase could be REALLY disappointed it they start to get their hopes up regarding anything MK11 related.
It's been 7 months of silence (the longest ever between any of the DLCs), and it doesn't look like there will be anything that they'll announce at E3.

I've suspected for a while that they're done with DLC for this game (officially gave up on that as of May 3rd) and gearing up to show off the next game.
My guess is that IF they have a new game being worked on that WB / NRS will announce it on their own some time after E3.

Boon has been trolling / teasing / joking (whatever you want to call it) more recently about Shaolin Monks.
Now, whether this pans out or whether it turns out to be more of Boon just being Boon, time will tell.
That said, there's already fake leaks on 4chan starting to pop up. 😂
Leave it to this absurd fanbase to resurrect an old cancelled game and slap the words "leak" onto it......

Took a picture of it, so that when it inevitably gets taken down it's still there.

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I'd like to add playable characters such as Sareena, Ashrah, Nitara, Hotaru, Drahmin, and Smoke.

NPC: Kia, Jataaka, Frost, Moloch, Dairou, and Shinnok.


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Yeah i agree with commander. NRS have moved on to other interest but I don't think Disney would hand over/rent the rights to WBs for a marvel vs dc game considering they are in direct competition with them. Injustice 3 makes a lot more sense IMO.


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Yeah, Injustice 3 seems most likely, but that said, I think that if they really wanted to Marvel could lend them the rights if it was like a 60 / 40 deal or even a 70 / 30 deal in Marvel's favor.
Some things are bigger than competition, and a game like that would be HUGE.
You'd have people who didn't even care for MK itching to get their hands on something like that, and with the new phase of Marvel movies and TV shows you probably wouldn't need to do much studio promotion / community management (which seems on par with NRS now). Lol
A game where you can have Superman face off against Thor, or a battle of the billionaires Batman vs Iron Man?
Yeah, that would sell TONS of copies.

Tarkatan Trash

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Keep Marvel the fuck OUT of the fighting genre until they can learn how NOT to exclude the entire X-Men roster from a Marvel fighting game. Doing just that in the last MVC game was tantamount to releasing a Mortal Kombat game without Scorpion and Sub-Zero.


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Given that Disney / Marvel now own the X-Men again, that probably won't be the case for the next MvC.
Capcom had their hands tied with Fox owning that shit, prior to the buyout with Disney.


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Xmen obviously since Disney owns fox now but a marvel vs dc game will be very strange if there's no spiderman. I don't see Sony letting their biggest ip anywhere near a xbox post infinite (Avengers the videogame says hi ). Sony and Disney aren't on the best terms last I heard after Endgame. I could be wrong though. I doubt WB wants anything to do with that drama.
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