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MAME has a built in cheat function, think Game Genie for the arcade. With this you can make the game easier, and sometimes do things you are not supposed to do otehrwise. I haven't messed with the cheats in years, so this may be old news to most of you. I actually made some early cheats for MK2 back when the cheat engine was fairly new. It's been a while, but here are some fun cheats that are known now.


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Here is more, I found a way to enable the extra players in UMK3. You can briefly play as the bosses, but the game will crash with most options.

Also Noob appears to have no moves, so nothing can be done while playing as him.


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Also you couldn't play as Reptile, but you can have the CPU's Scorpion appear to be Reptile. Pay attention to where the life bars say.

In MK1 you can make all players move like Reptile, and in UMK3 you can disable the life bars, blocking, throwing, take away uppercut recovery, etc for the duration of the game without needing KKodes for it.


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yeah, i remember those. we even used noob saibot cheat for one of our combo vids few years ago
Hey Pat, you inspired me to take some pics as well...




How does that one work? When I tried to play as Jade it just crashed the game.

I believe that he his using Kitana's move set cheat along with the Jade cheat. I may be wrong but isn't it the move sets of boss characters that crash the game?

HAH fun with palette alterations I see. Are those documented?

Yeah I found them here:
They have quite a few posted for all the MK series!
and with non-jumpbacker and p1 side? ;)

I can make another one where I'm on the 2P side and it's the same pattern. The pattern being that with Shang Tsung you can always juggle Noob Saibot and Smoke because they do not have a teleport or a slide to counter your projectiles. Can't do it with Jade because of course Jade is immune to projectiles!
I never was able to beat Noob Saibot or Smoke in MKII without save stating the hell out of it...glad to see a video of somebody legitimately beating those guys. Of course, you'd have to be playing as Shang Tsung and since I usually play as Sub-Zero that means I would have to die and sacrifice a much needed life for the final bosses.
That has to be pretty cool, [MENTION=1]Patrick McCarron[/MENTION]. The unlockable secrets of Mortal Kombat 3 were a success.
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Already posted images, recorded video about that. Column repeated, when Kahn's death was skipped.
However, you can play Endurance with multiple enemies.

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