Freddy Krueger does not show for download through the game


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Hi, everyone!

I am having a strange issue with Mortal Kombat. I waited to platinum the game before downloading any additional characters and after I did, I got Rain, Skarlet and Kenshi through the PS Store. After that I started the game to download Freddy Krueger because I have seen him there in the online features and know he is available only through the game, but when the game checks for online features, nothing comes out. Then I enter the extras menu and go to dlc but only the things I have already downloaded show up. No Freddy. I also can't retrieve the message of the day. This is happening on a UK account. Any ideas what's wrong? Is it the store, the servers or something messed up on my end?
Hey man all you have to do is go to search and search "mortal kombat 9"and scroll down he should be there somewhere.