Four New MK: Armageddon Videos on IGN

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Jeff Greeson

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<b>IGN</b> has posted <a href="">four new videos</a> from <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Armageddon</a>. Amongst the newly released videos is <b>Frost's</b> and <b>Motaro's</b> trading card, which briefly explains his bi-pedal transformation. Also included is a synopsis of the <b>"Kreate a Fatality"</b> feature and what apparently appears to be the television commercial <a href="">previously featured</a> in a released image.

Thanks <b>Immortal Reaver</b> and <b>ChiefThunder</b>.
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Those video are very good! I never really got into Frost or Motaro, but I will play as them both a lot in MKA when I'm not playing as my KAK.

I can understand Motaro's transformation, but the thing I don't get is his voice and projecticle attack. Back in classic MK games Motaro sounded like a screeching dragon, and it was awesome. Now he sounds like a normal human. His projeticle is green, it should be red though.
I agree, Chain. I don't like the fact that Motaro has now aquired the power of speech. But I guess in his transformation to a more humanoid creature, he also adopted more humanesque characteristics, including a voice.

A picture says a 1000 words. Lol.

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