Fix Available On Xbox 360 for Online Sync Issues

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Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios has informed us that there is now a fix available for the desynchronization errors on the Xbox 360. In order to fix it, you need to manually re-download the Klassic Kostume DLC files from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

1. Hit the guide button (XBox Logo button on controller)
2. Go to the right to the tab labeled "settings"
3. Select "account management"
4. Select "Download history"
5. Select the pre-order skins and skin pack DLC and re-download.
6. Choose "download again"

We advise everyone to download the files again, and also spread the word to better the overall online experience. Fixed files are not available to download for the PlayStation 3. We will inform everyone when the PlayStation 3 version is ready.
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Re: Online Sync Issues? Try This

Does this work on the PS3 as well?

Obviously the steps are not the same, but I have been told that this fix will not fix the PS3 "right now" and that it's being worked on as well. Just Xbox 360 for now.
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Re: IMPORTANT! Online Sync Issues? Fix Available On Xbox 360

by pre-order DLC which one do you mean ? ^^ because i got skorpion klassic with teh game, then i bought the klassic skin package, then skarlet. so by pre-order should i redownload skorpion ? i don't quite understand how thats supposed to work as the issues happened after that, but since ppl are saying its working i cant complain.
Re: IMPORTANT! Online Sync Issues? Fix Available On Xbox 360

I'd redownload any DLC but especially character skins from your Pre-Order Bonuses and then the Klassic Skin Pack if you have it.
Re: Online Sync Issues? Try This

Anyone have a fix to stop making online suck? It's like a completely different game online. :-(
Re: Online Sync Issues? Try This


Hope this works for everyone. I don't have MK9 for 360, I have it for my PS3 <3

As I said later in the thread, this is only for 360 right now. They are still waiting on pushing out corrected files for the 360.
just did it. first match = desync. i am presuming that this fix requires both players to have done the steps. (btw i am xbox eu maybe fix hasnt arrived there yet)
But do the other player has to have it redownloaded too? I rather not redownload it at all if I won't be able to even connect to other people assuming not everyone knows about this fix.
I did it 2x and it still didn't work for me. Am I doing something wrong I followed the instructions.
My classic reptile is still missing (preorder)
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doubt one will be on ps3 in the EU till next week now, the work experience rent boy that sony employs to update the PSStore every week has done his hours work and some overtime on Friday
Oddly enough, after I did this I went into the fatality trainer with Scorpion in his MK1 outfit and my xbox crashed on the load screen. Restarted, went back in with no problems. Not sure if it was related to this but that's what happened.
Is it possible the pre-order dlc is conflicting with the klassic dlc? seems to me multiple files for the same kostume unlock would fudge things up? Just a thought.
Nah, that shouldn't work like this. Now, talking from my PS3 experience:

The Klassic Costumes Pack is actually the 7 same items that were uploaded onto the Store (and I'd guess the same for the marketplace) for one to redeem the pre-order codes. That said, if you redownloaded the same item again, it should just re-install, meaning re-write a piece of coding, and since the items for Pre-Order and the Bundle are the same, it shouldn't be the reason for the conflict.

That said, it could be that the items sent at first to Sony and Microsoft don't work anymore correctly post-patch, and thus need to be changed.
Doesn't work DAMN
Downloaded my individual costumes first then the whole pack and Skarlet while I was at it.

Sure some matches work but most of them desync. Especially in KOTH.