First review from Game Daily.

and there's lots of air combat (or kombat, if you prefer)

Damn, He should have said

and there's lots of air combat (or kombat, if you prefer to spell things the Mortal Kombat way)

On topic, 4.5 out of five??? That's 9 out of 10!!! :shock:
Actually Jinko, you were on topic to begin with, you were talking about part of the review:mrgreen:

The review was pretty good, MKA sounds even better now!
But Gamespot underrates pretty much everything. Skewed results. That's why I check multiple sources (of course that doesn't matter for MKA, i'm getting it regarless). Still, Gamespot does have that scream it contest going on with Midway so who knows...maybe it will be biased in our favor?
Oh. Hahahahhaha. :mrgreen: Man, it's a shame i have to wait to the 26th. I thought it was the 20th.
We should get around 5 ratings and then average it out.
I'm my own game & movie critic, Glamador. When I said I was interested in Gamespot's review of MKA. I merely want to see how they rubbish the game, if at all. I've been going to that site for many many years. And have learnt never to take their reviews as Gospel. If they say a game sux, then more than likely I would like it. And vica versa.
4.5/5 is really good. I usually go with OPM, Gamespot, 1Up and my own desicions to figure out ratings, out of 10 though. This game is going to rock.
I give it a 9 out of 10 from what I've seen so far. The only reason it isn't 10 out of 10 is the lack of Khameleon. Everything else is just perfect.
So khameleon is worth pne whole point?

If they were missing 9 other characters, would you give it a zero?
I read through this earlier, and I have to say, I honestly don't believe they played the game. Everything in this article has information released from official sources. This sort of review could have been pieced together from tidbits of information, and fear for Game Daily's rep with other games.

I expect a meta score of 70-90 to be a fair estimation, but still, did anyone actually learn anything from this article?