First of Four Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trailers Released

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Jeff Greeson

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Today, <b>Midway</b> released the first of four <b>Ultimate Mortal Kombat</b> trailers leading up to the release of the first-ever <b>Mortal Kombat</b> game on the <b>Nintendo DS</b>. Check out <b>Scorpion</b> throwing his infamous spear at <b>Sheeva</b>. Watch as <b>Sub-Zero</b> freezes <b>Kano</b> and <b>Sektor</b> launches a rocket to destroy <b>Jade</b>. <b>Ultimate Mortal Kombat</b> is scheduled to ship <b>November 2007</b> for the <b>Nintendo DS</b>.

<b><a href="">Download .WMV version</a> (7.89 MB)</b>

<b>Ultimate Mortal Kombat</b> combines the visceral thrills of the classic <a href="">Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3</a> and the addictive puzzle action of the <b>Puzzle Kombat</b> component of the best-selling <a href="">Mortal Kombat: Deception</a> in a single DS-friendly package. With unlockable content, new record-keeping capability, and Wi-Fi-connected multiplayer, players will be able take <b>Ultimate Mortal Kombat</b> anywhere for fighting action on the go.
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I already have this game on reserve. The day I first heard anything about it I went to Gamestop and had it taken care of. It's gonna be fun and if you don't own a DS I strongly suggest getting one, it's the best handheld system out right now, and it's got some of the best games for it. This is just going to add to it's awesome library.

I hope tons of you already have a DS because I'm ready to get my freeze on over some Wi-Fi.
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