First Image of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Published

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The folks over at <a href="">Mortal Kombat Online</a> have been given the go ahead to release an image prior to the <b>Midway Gamers' Day</b> embargo of <b>Friday, April 18th 4:00pm PDT (6:00pm CDT)</b>. Since we appreciate the collaborative efforts of <b>MKO</b> while out at <b>Midway Gamers' Day</b>, we'll be kind to simply point you to <a href="">their website</a> to check out the picture.

<center><a href=""><img src="" width="143" height="113" class="newslink" /></a></center>
As of now, there is nothing else that we can reveal right now until the end of the press embargo. The game's official website <a href=""></a> will one day feature content, but currently features a default setup page. Soon on <b>TRMK</b> you can expect a trailer, several images, and some detailed information on the new <b>Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe</b> game fairly shortly after it expires. Until then, head on over to our new <a href="">Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Forum</a> and discuss the latest revelations with fellow fans.
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Thats shit.... i bet they take away blood and fatalities. Really didnt want to hear this news. I wanted a new mortal kombat game like promised..... what the ****?
Come on, look at the last few releases, you guys were all just gonna slate it anyway, you always do. F*ck it, I'm excited anyway, regardless.
I'm with you Goraka. I'm excited. I always said I wouldn't mind too much if it was MK vs. DC. I think it's rather fitting actually. MK and SF have had their rivalries, and Marvel and DC have as well. It's suitable that MK gets paired with the darker and grittier of the two competitors to team up against the more "kid-friendly" Marvel vs. Street Fighter.

I know there are alot of questions like "will there be blood and fatalities anymore?" and "How will they mesh the story together from two totally different universes?" and "If they pull this off how will it not be totally gimicky?". I know it's hard, but we'll have news tomorrow and hopefully the trailer will put our minds at ease.

Be optimistic people! Don't write it off before you've seen ANYTHING about it!
Seems like the majority isnt liking this idea. I do agree that some of the DC characters like Joker, Batman, Carnage, and Venom are suited in a mortal kombat game. But there is no way they will allow fatalities, and blood in a DC game. Which is going to make the game seem more for kids. Its going to take away the mortal kombat feel from its characters. I mean how do you play a fighting game with mortal kombat characters and not be able to use a fatality on someone after you win? Thats like taking away Ryu's fireball. I just see it being kid friendly and to me that is a turn off.
This is the lamest, sorriest and most desperate piece of shit move ever. if i wanted mk v.s. d.c. i would go play mugen. this is depressing. i'm all for change, but not like this.:rant::madsign3:
This is the lamest, sorriest and most desperate piece of shit move ever. if i wanted mk v.s. d.c. i would go play mugen. this is depressing. i'm all for change, but not like this.:rant::madsign3:

Good. Go play Mugen. Mugen = Shit. This means you dont care for solid gameplay. What evah.
Also I was just looking around the Joystiq and Kotaku and there seems to be skeptic optimism around the comments section.
i'm just saying by comparison, i would rather play shitty mugen rather than a teen rated crossover mk. this kind of stunt would have been more exceptable 10 years ago with marvel v.s. capcom. i have played mortal kombat for 15-16 years, i just was expecting a more meaningful mk. it just seems so crazy.
A game that was supposed to be more serious and darker, is actually going to be less serious and less likely to even have the special things that make Mortal Kombat what it is. Yeah cos they will make it so it gets a teen rating. Everyone at MKO is hating the idea....i wonder what boon is thinking if he is seeing all this negative feedback. Hopefully tomorrow they will shine a light on this. I mean if there is no blood or fatalities, then a lot of people are going to be pissed off.
Well since it's going to be MK vs DC i'll still buy it since it's a MK game.

But since this is also a game with DC Characters most likely the Blood and Gore will not be in it? They might but very unlikely.

They said long ago they wanted to start over and make MK a game for the next Generation? And in this case i guess you can look at this game and see that is what they are doing.

They want the next Generation of MK different than the past MK games. With this game that will be different as you can get.

They also want to sell the new game to the new generation as well. And how wuld they do that? They take out the blood and Gore and the game get's a T-Teen Rating like Street Fighter gets! That way a younger kid can goto the store and be able to buy it with a Teen Rating!

So they sell more to a Younger Teen Fan's! And that is the next Generation of game players for XBox 360 and PS3 and Wii We are the older Generatio of MK fan's and they want this game for the Next Generation. So their focus is mostly likely for an younger Teen game fan's then?

Of course they could go out and get an M rating and put the Blood and Gore into this game? But i don't see it at this point. Hopefully tomarrow we'll get full details on this and also what the Game Rating they are going for here?

As i said i'll still buy it. But it's to bad if this is the only game they gave us instead of MK8. It would of been nice to get two seperate games! Say MK8 for XBox 360 and PS3 and then give us MK vs DC for Wii even PS2 since PS2 would be a good place to give a MK vs DC game to for Wii fan's and for the fan's that still are using a PS2 yet! But this now seems unlikely... Oh-Well!

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