Fire & ice revealled @ e32015


Robot Rock
Holy shit dude, it feels like it's been decades since the last game. Glad they're bringing us what we all wanted.

I knew it, lol. People are gonna be pissed. :laugh:
If this one turns out to be as good as Rush, I'll pick it up (unlike the other 3DS game).
I had high hopes for Sonic Boom. I love the art style and graphics, the cutscenes and humour, I even like what they did to Knuckles. But the gameplay was just sooooo boring and repetitive and all those freaking glitches and bugs just ruined the game. Such a huge let down.

I am glad they aren't just putting it on the shelf though. They should continue to work on it and improve on it, take in the constructive criticism and make the game better!
I don't even know what Sonic Boom is lol.

All I know is Generations >>> every Sonic game ever
I thought this thread was about the MK: Fire and Ice which so many people keep bugging NRS about.

Anyways, I could diversify my 3DS library with some platformers. It's been years since I touched a Sonic game as well.
Looks like Chris Chan is at it again with this game.


protested peacefully and bold; I get banned from the local Four GameStops, and rebanned from Fashion SquareI ended up in jail for a weekend, along with court troubles; someone got a mild amount of pepper spray.

Time healed me some and I was recovering and doing better. Now, ANOTHER BLUE ARMED GAME IS BEING MADE?!!!

‪#‎SEGA‬ has ruined a peaceful, pleasant life for me again. It is Payback Time!


If you guys don't know who Chris Chan is then he's a major sonic fanboy on the web that is known be total batshit insane in the last 10 years. There's even a wiki on the whole guy (Wiki has some NSFW pages):
wow! what a HUGE letdown this post is. I thought you were referring to a NEW Shaolin monks game.... Fire & Ice... jerks

Well, NRS can't make "Mortal Kombat: Fire and Ice" now. If they do, they will be accused for copying the title from this game. And it will forever be compared to this game because of it.

Yeah, people on the internet truly is this narrowminded.
Sega probably won't be able to afford to sue WB and/or NRS based on their corporate fortunes anyway. Remember, Mike Tyson had a strong case to sue Capcom over that M. Bison thing in SFII (which was what led to the bosses having their names rotated upon North American localization in the first place), but it turned out that SFII was released in North America at around the time Tyson went to jail for rape anyway.

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