Finding JASON


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For those having trouble finding JASON-

How to find Jason & Horror Pack Skins on PSN:

1. Make sure MKX is closed.

2. Go to Store.

3. Go down to Library.

4. Choose Games.

5. Find MKX (its alphabetically organized by default)

6. You'll come to a MKX overview page where you can start the game. Keep hitting down until you see a box that says "View All".

7. click on it, then you'll see boxes for every DLC item. If you purchased the Kombat Pack, Jason & the Horror Pack will have Free on them. Select each one to download.

That should be all you need. The files download & install very quickly. Feel free to reboot your console, but launch MKX. Go to character select & make sure Jason & the new skins for Ermac, Mileena & Reptile are available.

In most cases atm, you'll have the skins but it could take a couple hours to sync up to get Jason.