Final Big Boss Guess - **POSSIBLE SPOLIER**


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**WARNING - Although highly unlikely, the below MAY contain spoilers, although unconfirmed. Do not read unless you, like me, are willing to jump to conclusions regarding MKX's upcoming storyline! If I'm right, this could spoil a major surprise/plot twist**

So here's my thoughts...

Based on Boon's tweet, we should be seeing
Shinnok, Liu Kang, and Erron Black
on the Friday kombat kast.

This leads me to believe that neither of them is the big bad. Also, The comics are focusing heavily on Reiko and Havic, so that's not much of a surprise either if the final boss were to be either of them.

So here's my theory... The final boss is!!
FUJIN! Abeit a much more powerful and juiced up Fujin. something happens in the story that turns him on Raiden, perhaps pursuit of the Blood daggers? He is clearly in the game, fighting alongside Raiden in the trailer, but this would explainwhy he is not playable, much like Shao Kahn not being playable in MK9. And it would definitely be a "surprise returning character" like Boon states at E3.

That's my theory. I have literally no source of information other than this site and Boon's tweets.
What do yall think?!
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I still think it's Liu Kang since the beginning. Same reason he will be the last to be revealed
It wouldn't be by miracle. I could see him aiding Raiden in the pursuit of the daggers, then being corrupted by the temptation of power and turning on him, taking the power himself and becoming the Blood God

Shinnok is just too obvious. I see him being more of a Shang tsung-esque boss but not that main bad dude
I'm sure it'll be Liu Kang though.
Like I said in all the other threads, there is absolutely no reason for them to stall his release. There's something going on.
That's what I'm saying though. First of all, the status quo of MK is that we usually don't get to play as the big boss (except trilogy and armegeddon I believe). So if they reveal Liu and Shinnnok as playable, i don't see either of them being the main bad guy. Plus there wouldn't be much of a twist in the story since we all kinda see that coming.

If it's fujin, that would explain why he is not playable. You would think his popularity and role in the story would make him a given for this game but he seems to be not included as a playable fighter. Plus being a god already would lend support to him being or becoming the blood God, etc.
What if it's Kenshi?

That would definitely be a surprise, maybe something happens during the story and the blood demon fuses with him somehow, plus doesn't he have a variant called "possesed"? I could see that.
BTW, I do think this is a very interesting idea, and this is the first time I've seen it mentioned (meaning if you're right, you can pat yourself on the back). Raiden and Fujin are gods, and brothers, and so it'd be a pretty cool storyline. Perhaps Liu Kang is involved (on one or both sides) but does not become the final boss. People have already speculated that Reiko and/or Havik are red herrings, and Havik is probably going to get Reiko killed anyway.

I'd love Fujin to be in the game, but I have honestly never considered that he could be a villain. If this happens, I think it would be awesome -- I would be disappointed in his 'normal' form not being playable, though. I hope he's the unlock, if this is true.

Very cool theory. It's definitely the kind of twist I'd like to see, as if not for this thread I'd certainly never have seen it coming.
I never thought about fujin, that actually makes alot of sense. It'll be either him or Liu Kang, why else would they reveal Liu Kang (main hero) as one of the last characters.
Well if you think about it, all the spoilers (That were true) only knew about playable characters, MK9 didn't have Shao Khan, Goro or Kintaro playable so having Fujin/Reiko or Havik as the boss isn't a bad guess and on the topic of Possessed Kenshi, I think it's Shang Tsung in his demon form
I do think it's Liu Kang. Liu Kang becoming evil may not be a surprise to big fans like us but it can be a big surprise to a lot of people. Liu Kang was our main hero from MK1-MK4 for over 20 years and it would be a big step to see him become evil. Not to mention MKX is focusing a new generation of heroes and I can see MKX killing off Liu Kang for a long time if he becomes bad. MKDA prove that MK does not need Liu Kang. Every MK just needs Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden. Just like every Street Fighter needs Ryu, Ken and Chun Li. Every Soulcalibur needs Nightmare, Ivy and Mitsurugi.