Fighter with the best 2 Fatalities


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I just watch a compilation video of all Fatalities on Kratos and I have to say that Kung Lao(not my favorite fighter) has the best 2 Fatalities others have a great Fatality but fall short on the second or third

Overall best is NOOB's make a wish IMO Shao Kahns rip a very close second

What is yours?


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laos(even tho buzzsaw is from mksm)

top 5 brutal
5: goros body rip
4: jades staff impale
3: kabals it takes guts
2: kahns body walkthrough
1: noobs make a wish

I refuse to do kangs chest punch, kratos medusa's gaze or any of shang tsungs. dumbest fatalities in the game IMO


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I enjoy Sektor's "Scarecrow".
I enjoy Noob's "Tug'o'war".
I enjoy Cyrax's "Nothing but Net".
I enjoy Baraka's "Take a Spin".
I enjoy Scorpion's Portal Fatality And "Toasty!"
I enjoy Ermac's rip fatality, but not the "Pest Control".


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overall most fighters have one good one and a mediocre or bad one, The only 2 person with two very good fatalities imo is baraka with take a spin being one of the best in the game and his other on which he slices off the arms then slices them down the middle before rasing half their body and it slides down the blade. The other in kintaro as unlike goro both of his were brutal and fun to watch.


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There's so many good ones but I'd have to agree with Araknyd_Commander and [sek]: Sub Zero's Spine Rip and Scorpion's Toasty are definitely among the best. I actually find Scorpion's MK9 Toasty Fatality the best version he's ever had, hands down.

Both of Sektor's Fatalities are awesome too and he is one of my favourite characters of all time so I'm quite happy about that.

Others that leave me satisfied time after time are:

- Kenshi's Scatterbrained
- Both of Baraka's Fatalities
- Cyrax's Buzz Kill
- Kung Lao's Razor's Edge
- Nightwolf's Little Off The Top
- Noob's Make A Wish
- Smoke's Smoked Out
- Sub Zero's Spinal Smash

Most of the rest are still very awesome but they don't give me the same satisfaction over and over again, for some reason. And then there's a few that just aren't that great.


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Kung Lao by far. Noob Saibot, Sub Zero and Freddy tie for second.

And folks, you're voting for the fighter with the TWO best fatalities, not an awesome one and another you don't even care to mention. They both have to be awesome.


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Too tough. I love Reptile's having so much variety but not sure if they're the best. So many have one I love and another I just like.

I have to go with Kenshi. Both gross, both awesome.


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Honestly, I love all the fatalities, it's too tough for me to say. But I guess here's my list:

All Scorpion fatalities
All Sub-Zero fatalities
Both Noob's fatalities
Both Ermac's fatalities
Both Skarlets fatalities
Both Rain's fatalities
Both Cyrax fatalities
Both Sektor's fatalities
Both Freddy's fatalities
Both Kabal's fatalities
Both Goro's fatalities
Both Kintaro's fatalities
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sans power

it's so hard watching noob's make a wish,
especially when you do it on a female char... i cringe every time.

favorite one tho, hands down..
Liu Kang's Animality, simple but creative.


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I love both Mileena's fatalities of course, Kung Lao's are good too, and Noob Saibot's (even if I hate that character). =]


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My favorite is Kabal's it takes guts but I love Kung Lao's as well and Quan chi's beating with legs(forgot how it's called).


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Fighters with 2 or more awesome fatalities:
Kung Lao
Shao Kahn
Sub Zero

My most favorite fatalities from my favorite fighters:
Jade's Half Mast (I love this one even though it would've been better if it was a vertical impalement.) ;-)
Kitana's Splitting Headache (Her most brutal fan fatality so far.)
Sindel's Migraine
Mileena's Rip-Off (It's the crotch grab.) ;-)
Sonya's 2nd Fatality (I like her scizzor legs fatality too but the string strangle is what I'd do.)
Skarlet's 2nd Fatality (Kinky blood bath.)


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I like Johnny Cages second fatality its like he been keeping that trophy in his pocket the whole time also his first just saying watch this shows that Johnny is the ultimate douche bag