Favourite Stage

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What stage arena do you like the most in MK9. I would say the Tower as it looks just like its old self from MK2. Also the fast changing sky in the background is awesome.
Pit II, disappointed they combined both Pits for the new MK, I liked when they landed on the concrete slab.

I would agree with that. The spikes are fine and all, but the only 3D rendition of the the Pit 2 fatality we've ever had was in Shaolin Monks, and that didn't really cut it.

It's also kind of bummer to realize that this was their one big chance to bring it back. We probably won't see that stage again until the next reboot.
Soul Chamber (MK9), Shao Kahn Tower (MK3), Wasteland (MK2), The Tomb (MK4), Scorpion's Lair (UMK3&MK9)