Favorite New Arena?

Tanyas Husband

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So, we have a handful of brand new Arena's to choose from.
Emphasis on a handful.
Are there any of these that actually make you think, "Hm, I'll remember this arena for games to come."
Which of the new ones are your favorite?

Tanyas Husband

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The Kove was just really beautiful to me personally, because of the water animation. I love water in games. MKX blew that animation out the park.
Besides that, easily the Dead Woods.


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Dead Woods is my favorite stage -- by far.

Some stages, such as Kove and Marketplace are cool and gorgeous -- but, for my taste, a little bit too busy to be a mere background.


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Err.. are we restricted to only one? For me its a 4-way tie... Jinsei Chamber (Both Normal and infected), The Kove, Krossroads and Sky Temple. Dammit I love all of them lol


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Sky Temple hands down is so awesome that I literally must put my hands down.

Outworld Market Place is a close second. Its awesome to see an Outworld stage with a community of denizens.

Yellow Ledbetter

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Sky Temple is by far the one I feel most comfortable.

Jinsei Chamber is beautiful, but not proper for a common fight, only epic ones!

Emepror's courtyard is cool, open space, nice lightning, I like to play there sometimes.

Quan Chis Fortress/Crossroads is almost a rule while playing with/against Kitana, Liu Kang and Quan Chi (single fight).

By choice, almost never play on Refugee Camp, Training Stage (specially) and Lin Kuei Temple.


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Favorite is the Kove, but not by much. I also really like the Emperor's courtyard, Jinsei Chamber, and Quan Chi's fortress. Refugee Kamp is the worst by far imo


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(Not in particular order)

1. The Kove. Music and scenery are great.

2. Sky Temple. Although it still doesn't work well on PC, its surroundings and atmosphere are neat.

3. Kuatan Jungle. Music is good but most importantly, it adds some colour to MKX stages in general.