Favorite Movie soundtrack?


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just for the sake of boredom I'd like to know what are your favorite movie soundtracks for me it's

1. Tales From The Hood
2. Supercop
3. Batman Forever
4. Mortal Kombat
5. Above The Rim

these are my top 5 I'd like to hear your guys favorites
The Social Network. I even have The Social Network OST on vinyl.

I don't really care for many movie OST's. Now game OST's are a different story. I listen to the P3,P4 and Nocturne OST's constantly.
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Transformers: Dark of the moon
The Forbidden Kingdom
The Chronicles of Narnia, the first one.
The Dark Knight Rises
Batman Begins
The Last Samurai
The Fountain
The Hobbit

I'll link up some of the best ones and perhaps update the list soon.
suprised no one said terminator 2,well thats one of mine and predator and though it's not a movie soundtrack mass effect 3's is amazing
My favorite movie soundtrack belongs to my 3 favorite movies of all time:
The Back To The Future soundtrack.
1. the dark crystal
2. the wrath of kahn
3. starwars
4. rocky II (eye of the tiger is the bomb)
I rarely EVER buy movie soundtracks, especially when I have reason to believe that a certain track that I'm interested in will be on the artist's next studio album (that actually happened with the Scorpion King soundtrack; I was interested in the Godsmack song on there, and I ended up getting the band's next studio album, Faceless instead, which had the same track). As a matter of fact, I only own one movie soundtrack...the soundtrack to the first Resident Evil movie, so by default, that's my favorite.
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"The One". sub-par movie with a good sound track

"Dawn of the Dead". Disturbed is the shizznit

"The Dark Crystal" I liked the symphonic scores.