Favorite/Least Favorite Fatalities


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What are your favorite fatalities, and what are your least favorites? My favorite is Scorpion's second fatality. It's very unique and original, and it makes sense for Scorpion. My least favorite is CSZ's first. He jumps on the victim like the wife of a returning soldier, and blows the victim up along with himself. Which I find stupid. It's also a big disappointment considering his potential.
Lets see...Personal favorite's (Plural) have to be both of Smoke's Fatalities, although an honorable mention has to go to Sheeva's Fatality where she uses the opponent's arms to clap at the end.

Favorite Stage Fatality is Netherelm, taking a nice dip into the lava!
* Favourite : Kung Lao Buzzsaw, Kano Heart Rip, Mileena's "Be Mine", Sub-Zero Skull Crusher, Kabal Intestin Rip, Quan Chi leg beat down, Raiden's Transplant

# Least Favourite : Shang Tsung clown (stupid idea), Johnny Cage Oscar Winning (retarded), Ermac Pest Control (terrible idiot)
This is very hard but I will have to pick Smoke or Noob's first Fatality and my Favorite Stage fatality is probably the Deadpool but cant go wrong with any of them :)
kabals it takes guts, sektors scarecrow, reptiles weight loss are all pretty sweet oh and shang tsungs identity theft is awesome as well
Kano's 2nd is my favorite. He put your head inside your chest, you kinda look like igor afterwards.
And least would have to be Kratos' second, and for those who do not have him I would say CSZ's first.
My favorate is cyber sube zeroe's. Least favorate is Liu Kang. Subby just jumping on someone aand freezing himself along with the other guy is pretty cool mio.
Favorites: Mileena's "Be Mine," Kabal's Intestine Rip, Quan Chi's Leg Beat-down, Reptile's "Weight Loss," and Noob's "Make A Wish."
Least Favorites: Sonya's 2nd, Both of Cyber Sub Zero's, and Shang Tsung's Clown Fatality.
As far as I can remember-

Favorite- Ermac's Pest Control (stompin on dem hoes)
Quan Chi's Leg Beat (though not as good as MK4's version of it)
Sektor's Scarecrow
Johnny Cage's Oscar fatality
Rain's 2nd fatality
Jax's Three Points fatality
Kenshi's Scatterbrained
Kabal's It Takes Guts
Kabal's 1st fatality
Both of Baraka's fatalities
Liu Kang's The Beast Within
Sub-Zero's Spinal Smash
Shao Kahn's "Move, *****" fatality

Least Favorite- Sindel's fatalities
Kratos' 2nd fatality
Kitana's first fatality
Both of Raiden's fatalities
Both of Shang Tsung's fatalities
Both of Sonya's fatalities
Sektor's 1st fatality
Skarlet's 2nd fatality
Both of Mileena's fatalities
Reptile's 1st fatality
I really don't get the hate for Pest Control lol

Yeah, it's silly but it's also funny, it's at least better than Jax's similar fatality in MK3
Just because it's out of character doesn't mean the fatality itself is bad though lol

It's a good fatality, fatalities IMO are supposed to be entertaining and that's what Pest Control did for me
I think it would have been better suited for a character like Shang Tsung.

I just hate seeing it being used by Ermac.

Also, you don't like Sektor's first, Sonya's first, and Mileena's first?

Sektor's 1st fatality just annoys me cause I've seen it so many times

It was only okay at first but it got REALLY old REALLY fast after repeat viewings

Always hated that fatality of Sonya's in MK4, still hate it now

The Deception version of Mileena's first one was WAY better, IMHO