Favorite iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad,etc. Apps


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Well I thought this would go in video games but if it fits better in general discussion or the netherrealm then the mods may move it. Just list your favorite iPod Touch, iPhone,iPad, etc. apps.
Well here are mine:

A Monster Ate My Homework
Angry Birds
Battle Bears
Beer Pong
Blend The Boss
Contract Killer: Zombies
Contract Killer
Cube Runner
Doodle Bowl
Fruit Ninja
Nyan Cat: Lost In Space
Pocket God
Rope 'n' Fly 2
Super Mega Worm X Santa
Stylish Sprint
Tap Studio 3
Tiny Tower
Vector TD
Velocispider Zero
Zombie Highway


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Well, there is a lot of apps I like :) Here is my top list of gaming and non-gaming apps:
1. Fortnite (exellent shooter)
2. Pocket Tanks
3. Tiny Tower
4. TripAdvisor (android app for booking hotels and restaurants)
5. Teamviewer
I always follow the latest app releases at androidgo.fun - I like the reviews they write there.