Favorite Fighting music in MKD


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What is your most favorite composed music in MKD? And why?

1. Lower Mines (Very well done I must say. Like the composer said the drums makes it worthwhile to fight to.)

2. Slaughterhouse Jive (Rock on, I love fighting to this music)

3. Arcade Select (Very Moody and Techno)

4. Bettle Lair (I just love the intense drum beat on this baby)

5. Courtyard (Nostaliga reasons)
My favorite MK:D music was :

Slaughterhouse Jive - I don't know really...it just...Fits

and ...

Living Forest- It's mysterious, creepy, I love it. And plust it's always been my favorite level.
I like the falling cliffs track, but then again, I'm kind of partial to music that has chord progressions and meter changes that aren't typical to modern music...I'm also a bit older too =/
Lower mines is cool. Also golden desert soundtrack. In fact, i'll listen to them now.
I dont care about listing to the music, alls i care about is hearing the crunching of me delivering an uppercut to my victim!
I like Slaughterhouse Jive also, but I say that, although it has potential, I like the Onaga Background Music better, it starts off quiet and calm, and it SMASHES the serenity with a mad drum beat!
i adore dead pool music and its environnement, but i adores slaughterhouse music!

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I like a lot of the music in this game.

1. Dark Prison/ Hell's Foundry tune. It had a good rythm and I liked how metal was used for instruments. The choir was very important to the song. Without it, it would be like holding a piece of paper with writing on it, but the paper is invisible.
2. Lower Mines/ The Pit tune. This was more of a theatre song, like in the intro where Raiden would fight, and the music plays exactly with the action, suspense and the advantages/ downfalls.
3. Liu Kang's Tomb tune. Although I first heard this in the Golden Desert (weird :s), I liked the rythm and sound of gong-like instruments. It gave the game a more "ancient Chinese/Japanese" feel to it.
4. Falling Cliffs tune. I liked the beggining with the womans voice. She gave made this song say "Woah" or "High in the air", aka, emphasizing the cliff's height. The rest of it is kind of like a tribal song mixed with an action beat, but you get the idea. Lots of action, and tragic accidents if you fall off.
5. Dragon Mountain tune. At first, I thought it was just some gongs being hit over and over again. But after listening to it for a while, it gives you a good sense of pace. There's a lot of these gong instruments and the rythm is excellent. When I hear this song, I think of shaolin monks training on top of an elevated platform. This is basically a faster version of Liu Kang's Tomb. The only downside is that some parts sound like they're repeating over and over again.

Puzzle Kombat
1. Puzzled tune. This song gives the honor of the fight and a "concentration" feel to it. It's what I would call a patient pace with a figther's spirit.
2. Kombo Krusher tune. I like this one because it gives the player a "concentration" feel to it and a steady pace, so the player knows he/she doesn't have to rush. I also like how at first the song begins with a basic beat with a bit of percussion, then it builds up with a harmony and melody, then it quiets down to just the melody.
3. Snake Food. Okay, you can instantly tell that this song says "win or die". It's named so for the Ying Yang arena. Oh, did I mention that there's GIANT SNAKES BEHIND THE PLAYER?!?!
4. Tiles of Death and Whimsy. I liked this the least because it doesn't have a steady harmony, but the rythm stays the same. But still, it gives the same message as the other ones: "Be patient, strategise or you'll die a gruesome death. :D"

1. Chaosrealm tune. Not only do I like this realm the most, but this tune truly gives the realm's nature a good feel to it. The realm looks like it's been in a war and the people aren't devastated but at peace and free, and this song emphasizes this perfectly. Bascally, if you could materialize this song, it would be like adding oil and alcohol to water then boiling it. I also like when it suddenly stops, then it starts again with a steady bongo beat. The ending is good too. The volume and amount of instruments dies down, until it just stops. That is a perfect song for perfect chaos.
2. Earthrealm Tune. Although the begining and end are fine, them middle is the crappy part. It just stays as one note for like 2 minutes. The begining gives the song a mysterious feel, but then when the seagull cries and the percussion starts, then it gives the player a more "welcomed" feeling and a peaceful sense. It finishes off with a "happily ever after" tune with a Chinese instrument (I don't know which, it just sounds like one)
3. Village tune. It's similar to Earthrealm, but this gives the player a sense of mystery to the game. It makes you think "What's in store for me in the realm of Mortal Kombat?" Not much else to say, other than it gives the gamea more feudal Japan style to it.
4. Edenia tune. I don't like it because it's too long, but it does the job of giving Edenia a "pure" and "peaceful" feel to it. I think it's more of a "good morning" song than a heavenly one.
5. Nexus tune. This song is boring, but it does a perfect job of giving the person a feel of a void. Like hello, the nexus is just a platform floating around in the middle of nowhere forever. The Nexus tune is perfect for this place.
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Falling Cliffs— the vocals at the beginning made me feel like something was REALLY about to go down
In no particular order:
-Dark Prison
-Slaughterhouse Jive
-Lower Mines/The Pit
-Liu Kang's Tomb
-Dead Pool (I like all the Dead Pool music anyway lol)
-Golden Desert