Favorite DLC Character

favorite DLC character

  • Skarlet

    Votes: 13 14.0%
  • Kenshi

    Votes: 21 22.6%
  • Rain

    Votes: 43 46.2%
  • Freddy Kruegar

    Votes: 15 16.1%
  • I Hate All of them

    Votes: 1 1.1%

  • Total voters
part of me thinks freddy will get the most votes due to him being new and people are still excited . Then I remembered the Rain fanboys....

not sure how this ones gonna turn out
I really have enjoyed playing as all the dlc characters. Saying who my favorite is would be a very difficult decision considering that they are all very cool. Freddy is extremely sweet but so is skarlet, kenshi, and rain. Maybe its rain but im not totally sure.


blinded and can still fight
As of right now, Kenshi. Rain is only a hair behind him, though. But when I get home and DL Freddy, he will probably take over...

I don't want to actually know what his babality is, but what I do wanna know is if it's a good one?
Its the strangest thing. I dont like the 3d games at all, but Kenshi is still my favorite. I am usually one to praise the old school characters, but Kenshi kicks Rain's ass IMO.

They did a great job with him, and overall I was the most excited when I downloaded him. Freddy couldnt even live up to him.

Kenshi's close behind him, though. Both are incredibly fun to use. I think Freddy's growing on me too >_<
Slightly off-topic, but Skarlet, IMO, would have been so much more badass if her 2nd fatality didn't fail so hard in its execution. They should have made the opponent's insides uncoil, like a neck garment, while bathing her upper body in blood in a way, instead of just letting a bunch of chunks of shit fall on her :?

Kenshi is a close second and I haven't gotten Freddy yet. Skarlet comes in at dead last, though.
I thought Skarlet was kinda lame and not fun to play. Kenshi, Rain, and yes even Freddy are fun.
Where there is Clouds, There is Rain..

When it rains it pours

Where there is rain, There is Vital with a 360 Controller ;DDD
I had a really hard time deciding between Skarlet and Kenshi. Ultimately, I let my feminism (and my boner) be the final judge. Not enough chicks in Mortal Kombat.
I voted for Kenshi. He was my favorite in the 3D games and I'm really happy with him in MK9.

I also bought Rain today and I like him a lot, but Kenshi is still my favorite. :)
I went with Rain. I think he's great in MK9. Next would be Kenshi who is strongly close behind Rain. He is a amazing addiction to this game and I like how they made him so fitting and different from Ermac too unlike his Deception/Deadly Alliance counter part.

Freddy I really like messing around with him in the game, but he's not a favorite of mine. Skarlet is my least favorite. I thought I would like her a lot more but I rarely use her.
Kenshi. My first MK Game was MKDA which I fell in love with and Kenshi was one of my favorites. I was Five at the time too so don't hate. :p
I'm a Rain fanboy. Found him difficult to get into but now I have he's brilliant.
I would go with rain as my overall fav in the full game simpley because out of all the characters he's the only one I've tried learn combos with