Fatality Hunting


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Right now I am hunting for the exclusive fatalities on the Vita
If you find any I'll update the forum and give you credit for finding it I'll be testing out some in practice
There are no such things

What? I'v herd that everywhere
Even on the game there is a third fatality for some characters and even a fourth for Sub-Zero and Scorpion
I don't have the time to go look at all the characters but I know Skarlet has 3 even on the Challenge tower map
Extra fatalities???!!!

If so, I hope Kitana has her Kiss of Death and Jade has a fatality similar to Vlad the Impaler's executions.
2 regular fatalities
1 stage fatalities
1 classic fatality for Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Reptile

They are the same as the ones on the consoles, you just have to perform them once to unlock them