Fatalities Less Censored in European MK vs DC Universe?

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Jeff Greeson

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A story on <a href="http://www.videogamer.com/news/06-11-2008-9867.html">Videogamer.com</a> reveals that perhaps the European version of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe will featured the fully uncensored version of <b>The Joker's</b> fatality. Senior Producer, <b>Hans Lo</b>, spoke to <b>Videogamer.com</b> and revealed the details.
"That's partly true [that the fatality has been edited]... You know, for North America we have a Teen rating, and teen really means 13 and above. Thirteen is pretty young, you have to admit. For Europe we have a 15, 16+ rating - so it's a bit different."

When pushed further about whether or not different cuts of the game exist, Lo replied: "I don't know, maybe! I think you might have to go take a look."
The <b>PLAYSTATION 3</b> version features no region locking with respect to video games; therefore, quite a few people might be interested in buying an European copy on the gray market.
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I did kind of wonder about that because the rating systems are a bit different so that would be cool if true. Not a huge deal I guess but would be nice if we got the uncensored version ;)
God dammit...I want that. Maybe when I have a PS3 it will be available for cheap on Ebay or something.
This is absolute BULL! I've supported this game since day 1, but the ESRB is REALLY starting to piss me off. I'm still buying it though. KOLLECTOR'S EDITION, FTW!!!!
Yea...that's showing 'em Snow.

Also, that's tempting Tim, and I know PS3's are durable so I don't have to worry so much buying it used...but alas, I don't even have that much.
Ah, man if this is true, the game will be awesome-er :D than ever !!! This is the first time i'm happy with the European gameratings... LOL
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