Fallout Shelter

Tanyas Husband

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So. Does anyone else play this? I've gotten a bit addicted to it since last week. It's a winless game and it's not exactly fun, but it catches you like a fish until you just get bored and delete it.
Anyway. I've gotten 83 people in my vault with like 15 other women pregnant. I wanted to see if anyone else played this game.
I played it a lot at first but not to long ago I began to lose intrest. Have not touched it in days because I've been busy with other games.

My favorite part was just sending out my guys to find cool new weapons in the waste and seeing people from past fallout games.
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But for a mobile game I think it's pretty good.
Just really lacking in..well almost everything that should be there.
I am still playing it today but I might uninstall it soon. I want there to be some sort of big update.
Tried it, thought it was okay but not worth a lot of my time. There's a heck of a lot of great mobile games that I have right now that I would like to waste my time with rather than this game. It's just not really that fun as much as I thought it would be.