Fake:Freezing the heart


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I call it freezing the heart.Whats going on here is, Sub-Zero is stabbing Scorpion in the heart with an ice sword.And, as Scorpion dies he's turning blue because he's being frozen from the inside out.Scorpion is wearing a more recent outfit in this fake.Sub-Zero's sword is made out of lines that are the colors of his outfit.

There's the non-being killed version of his custom made outfit.Torso and above looks slightly cartoony but still good in my opinion.

In case anybody wanted to look at it, there's Sub-Zero.Thank You K1llKAN0 for the background shading technique.It's a usefull thing to know.Just like making shadows for people(Disapointed).Where did he go anyway?


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Nice idea, Scorpion is good. Don't like the blue, too strong? Does look good on Scorps head, just not the arms. Love the sword design. Don't like the jump kick... why would he do that then? 6.5-7/10. I believe you shall do great things soon.


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I'm with Mads on this, I really like the whole concept you have done but the blue just is really strong and I find it to hard to actuall see whats going on.

I think if you had made it without the sub zero jump kick it might look better, But overall It's still a pretty nice fake