Fake:Exploding Punch


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I wanted to give Jax a post armaggedon look.So I gave him longer hair, a beard, a more athletic look than powerhouse.Cyrax has slight changes.I painted the invisable background color all over Cyrax and then draged him and Jax on top of a streched out explosion.Here's Jax, but I didn't add hair until after him and Cyrax were on the same paint page.

There's Cyrax


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What the hell is this? It looks some nimrod failed at attempted morphing Eddy Gordo and Jax. I have to squint and put my face against the monitor just to make anything out.

The white scribbles and enlarged explosion sprite in the background make this look like Cyrax is laying on the ground bleeding out molten lava, and that would have been much more appealing imo.

I don't visit the forums as much as they're pretty much dead, but please stop spamming the Art forum with these pointless pixel-changed fakes. No one wants to see things they can do themselves. This is stupid.

1/10. Maybe you should practice some more before you waste our time.