[Fake] Cyrax's Cutter

This ones quite good, dude. I like the idea and the execution. The blood is just right in both amounts and placement I think. Kabals saw has been put to good use here, and you've done a real good job of not only the fatality but the way cages body has slumped.


I really like it. I am surprised noone here has done that before :lol:
So much disrespect to Johnny Cage.. I hate it! 0/10...... Just kidding lol, the idea is cool, 10/10 8)

I hope you like it. I like this one myself. So proud....

Its a nice idea! You must pay more close attention to the detail on the blood! It is too bright, but placed well! Try toning down the tint of the red with this one! Other then that, a 10/10