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So glad the Predator is finally a guest in a fighting game, particularly one as violent as MK. Anyway, on to my ideas.

The Predator's thermal vision should factor in some of it's intros when the opponent talks, and their voices should be distorted, just like in the movies. It's X-ray should also be thermal, maybe we could even see it breaking it's opponent's bones in first-person.

The Predator should mimic MK characters in some of it's intros with it's recording device, like using Jade's voice and/or Sindel's to antagonize Kitana, tell Scorpion to "get over here!", and replay Shao Kahn's taunts from MK2 and 3.

Every designs from every movies should be in as alts.

The helmet should be removable at will, and it should get knocked off during X-Rays and alities.

Now, variant ideas below:

Classic: Based on the first two movies. Adds the speargun and the missile from P2 that upon hitting the opponent, burns away at them temporarily.

Serpent Hunter: Based on the Alien Vs Predator movies. Adds the shurikens, the disc being the enhanced version, the net, which unlike Cyrax's hurts the opponent, and the Chopper Predator's very large wristblades. Chopper was the first Predator to die in AVP.

Super Predator: Based on Predators. Adds the hounds, the falcon and invisible net traps.

The shoulder cannon, the staff and the cloaking should be available for every variants. Players should be able to switch between the wristblades and the staff at will, even combine both for combos, and the shoulder cannon should be able to lock on the opponent, allowing players to fire it whenever they want during the match.

Some more ideas coming up.
Possible stages for the Predator.

P2 ship interior.

Trophy camp from Predators. Either this stage or the P2 ship interior should have skulls of MK creatures like a Centaur's in the background, but the trophy camp should also feature skinless corpses.

AVP ship interor, or the exterior with the huge ship in the background, and Predators watching, including the AVP Elder unless it's skin was selected.

Atop one of the pyramids, with Aliens and Predator fighting in the background, and a stage fatality where the Aliens kill the losers.
My ideas/wishlist
Predator's universal moves:
1.Shoulder plasma caster
2.Wrist blade
3.Shuriken(it is retractable but can not be controlled manually , Extended version: -Smart disc(more damage + its direction can be controlled manually)

Variation ideas
1. "Hunter" variation: Combi stick (he uses his combi stick as a melee weapon(combo moves) + he can also throw the weapon)

2."Trapper" variation: Netgun +Laser net + throwable mine(remote bomb)

3. "Hand to Hand" variation: Power glove + more combos
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I want a spine rip fatality.

Can't wait to see the moveset of the Predator, also i'm thinking he might be just as big as GORO.
cloaking will be a move for sure, just like Reptile. The Disc will be a projectile, same with the Spear gun. Spear could be a move used as a throw. Claw will be used as strikes and combos. He'll spill out green blood everywhere.
As a fatality I can see him ripping out the spine with the skull and holding it up and a scream. Being skinned alive seems a bit impossible, how would he do that to GORO or a cyborg (if they're in the final roster).
I hope he's a good tier, I want to main him.
I'm guessing that Predator will have his net and arm panel (inspired features for Cyrax) and his shoulder canon (inspired feature for Sektor's rocket), so there's absolutely no need for Ketchup and Mustard, this time around.
Predator has come full-circle with MKX.
I absolutely loved the original Predator movie! I'm a huge fan of the rest of the series but I've enjoyed them when they're on daytime television here and there. For character design and development, I would rate Predator species a 10/10.

Saying that, gaining Predator and losing all MK cyborgs makes me so angry. (Seriously at this moment I am trying my best not to start swearing, going into a rage, and call for Boon's head on a pike). I absolutely despise any guest character in my mortal kombat games, based solely on the idea that it takes a spot from any* original MK character. I do mean any...even Mokap.

I can see what Commander said coming true. Predators variations will just be the actual MK cyborgs' special moves. (Not to be a downer here, sorry) I lost a long time friend a few months ago (stay off heavy drugs, kids). In our time together, new MK releases where one thing that would always bring us back into contact (after one of us would disappear for a while). The two characters we would play non stop against each other; Cyrax and Sektor. Not having them in the game in the first place sucks, but seeing them "replaced" is going to make me want Boon beheaded. haha

So my Predator related question: I'm playing on PC, if I do not download Predator (and Jason, who's movies are garbage that didn't age well) will that make it so I do not have to verse people using them online? I got a deal when I bought MKX and got the Kombat pack at the same price it would have cost for Tanya and Tremor alone. (I can not wait for Tremor!) I am hoping now though, that I am not forced to download the two guest characters by Steam.