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Hey Ladies & Gentlemen, you must be a MK fan like me if you're on here! Now iv got a favor to ask, (from all of you)
I live in Europe and play MKX on PS4 (xb1 isnt an option for me) I participated in the MKX Online beta & it was amazing! Played against my friends in the US without any problem...

All awaiting the update for MKX to become MKXL, I found out they had the region lock back in place, now please I have made a petition for NRS to remove the region lock! (I know its not as simple as it sounds) but I truly appreciate it if you could all help me (and thousands of others out)

Atleast let them make it optional (you can always decline a match if pings too high)

I'm always there to help others out, iv also got a huge follower base on Twitch.Tv/DrLove2k2 that are mostly fighting game fans that want the same.

With the rollback on MKXL the delay online is tons less and plays a lot more fluid, so if you could all be so kind ( & Sexy) to help a true MK loyalist out.

Here is the petition ; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/MKXLREGIONLOCKREMOVAL

I will be discussing this and asking for more support on my daily streams, starting Friday.

Love you MK Fans! Lets try hard and let our voices be heard, and atleast TRY to make it happen!!!!!!! :bunny: :top:


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got any good sources to spread it out on??

You could post about it on other MK sites (I know you hate MKO though lol), do you have it on Twitter or talk about it on your Twitch channel? I'll help you spread it (giggedy) if you will allow?


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Yeah it does that to everyone, just click that BS away.
Just for everyone's information, and to explain so we (for the people who didnt know)

Since the release of MKXL the (PRE) patch to update the game now made it possible to (IF) you buy MKXL digitally as a european on the US PSN marketplace, you'll be able to play with your friends in the US, vice versa mind you.

Now the thing is, all of your unlocks will be gone.
If you dont mind shedding out a extra 40$ for MKXL JUST to play with your friends overseas which is extremely fun of course seen the new netcode is A LOT better, then this is the way to do it.

You dont need a new PSN account or have to pay for extra PS+ just play it on your old account!
The petition didnt catch as much wind as I thought it would.