Ethereal Variation


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I would like to learn Mileena's ethereal variation.

I was wondering if anyone here knows some good kombos for this variation?


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Honestly, Ethereal has low damage in comparison to Ravenous and Piercing and on top of that people can grab you while you're in mid "Teleport". Also, Ethereal has nothing that sets it aside from Piercing and Ravenous because you can stop zoning alone with EX telekick for 30%+ damage. So "Ethereal" Mileena is in all variations with the use of Meter.


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Yeah. Piercing has to be the fastest and Ravenous has to be the strongest. Ethereal should have more to it in order for it to be competent in gameplay. The same I say about Kitana's Mournful Variation.


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Ethereal is best used for avoiding projectiles or hard to defend attacks. It's the number one variation for defeating Goro imo.

Ptolomeu Mello

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What is the difference between her "Fade" and "Vanish" (Enhanced Fade)? The same doubt with her other unique movements of the variation (Fade Towards and Fade Away), i can not detect differences between normal movements and enhanceds (Vanish Towards and Vanish Away), not armor or recovery advantage, the only difference, besides the aesthetics, is the expense of a bar.

I am wrong?


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I personally LOVE this variation but in a real match her other two, particularly piercing is the way to go IMO.


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Piercing is undoubtedly her best variation, although I main Ravenous simply because it's more stylish. Ethereal is decent, but there really is no point in using this variation when you have the ability to choose one of her other two.


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I like playing with her ethereal variation. I think it's the most enjoyable out of all 3, but probably the weakest.


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Ethereal just got some really nice buffs on yesterday's patch.

Forward and backwards fades have much better recovery frames, as well as a VERY nice EX version buff giving invincibility armor.

These little perks are definitely going to help her corner game superbly, particularly when she has meter to burn.