Ermac's Appearance - MKD v. MK9 v. MKX

Which Ermac Appearance Was Best?

  • UMK3/MKT Palette Swap

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Deception/Armageddon/2011

    Votes: 11 73.3%
  • MKX Mummy-Inspired

    Votes: 2 13.3%

  • Total voters


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Ermac's Appearance - UMK3 v. MKD-MK9 v. MKX

Greetings, Ermac fans! How are my fellow legions of warrior souls doing today?

Okay, so every MK game always has a redesign for each of its characters, with some cases being more drastic than others. With MKX I feel that Ermac has been one to undergo some of those drastic changes.

What did YOU prefer? His initial redesigned appearance started in Deception and Armageddon? His mummy-inspired MKX appearance? Or maybe even his classic palette swap style from the old days?

Let me know below!

As for MY opinion:

So Ermac has always been my favorite character ever since coming across him in the Netherrealm when MK Deception first came out back in '04. I really dug the whole mystical vibe and was a really big fan of his design and redemptive storyline. I could have cared less for him in UMK3 but here he seemed so cool to me! With MKA he was pretty much the same, I was delighted by his awesome cameo in Shaolin Monks, and in MK9 he was more or less the same as before but not changed too terribly much besides his undone redemptive backstory (except wtih a wicked alt!). But that's besides the topic!

With MKX, he went through a total overhaul! Seemingly inspired by his appearance in the MK Legacy web series (which I did not care for this interpretation at all), he now has old, decaying looking skin and has his mouth revealed, along with weirded-shaped mummy-inspired armor. As much as Ermac is still my favorite character overall, I reeeeeally did not like the direction they took him here. Even his voice sounds far worse to me, despite the MK9 Ermac voice actor still playing Kano in both games!

I hope in future MK they bring him back to what he was, but I do understand that times change, and if his ending is any indication then he might not even be around for MK11.

Let me know your opinions below!
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I haven't played all of the MK games, but I do like his look in Deception and in MK9. I also like his mystical vibe, as you've mentioned.
In MKX he just looks like a corpse; I don't like it at all. That decaying skin is just unnecessary and overkill.

I voted for Deception.


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I agree. His redesign in Deception is probably the best out of the Palette swap ninja redesigns at that time. To me, Ermac really became his own character when Deception came out.


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if there was an option to vote for JUST his MK9 appearance it would have got my vote. he was the best designed character in mk9. Deception is his 2nd best.


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if there was an option to vote for JUST his MK9 appearance it would have got my vote. he was the best designed character in mk9. Deception is his 2nd best.

Hmm... I see your point. And my title was a little misleading that way too. Well I've adjusted the title but think that editing the poll at this point would get inaccurate results. =P

I guess I just considered the MKD costume so close to his MK9 one that they kind of fit in the same boat in terms of style. The point I was getting at here was pretty much how the artists themed him pre-MKX and then the mummy-based one in MKX, and seeing if people liked him most at a time I liked him too or if I'm the odd man out on his MKX attire.


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I don't see MKD and MK9 designs to be that similar, I actually prefer him in Deception way more because he barely has any red on him in MK9. Plus I don't like his voice in MK9 and MKX, MKD voice was beast! So my favourite appearance of Ermac is MKD/MKA.

While I am not against the mummy look per se, I do see it as inferior to his MKD redesign.


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I like this character greatly, for both his background and the moves he has.
What I haven't liked is that his design has gradually become less red over time, and there was hardly any in MK9 and X.
When I say gotten worse I mean just that. His UKM3 very red design was the best one.
Please, more red as he's the red ninja of the MK collection.