Ermac Revealed


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They just revealed Ermac on Twitch Stream!
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Aldo Moreno

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Dude, looks so weird without the mask. He has a weird play style.

I didn't hear the rest of the intro:
Ermac: Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero: Shao Kahn is dead. You are free.


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Yeah he looks cool but blah @ 6 out of the first 8 characters of the MK9 select screen already confirmed for MKX...


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Well... I always liked Ermac, more an more for each game. Loved him in MK9, close to my top 5... but now he'll probably be in my top 5! He looks amazing, both looks and gameplay, his moves are so awesome, I LOVE his X-Ray move!

MK9 made me love Smoke, MKX made me love Ermac!
I hope Ermac fans are happy. ^^


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So, Ermac and Sub-Zero have 3 different intro quotes based off the livestream.

So maybe everyone has way more than just two?


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I am SO glad that Ermac no longer looks anything like his palette swap look! No V-vest, no loincloth, no mask! AWESOME! He looks completely unique and original now. ^^
Ermac looks BEYOND cool! I love that his outfit is not at all an obvious pallette swaps of anybody, it's more black than actually red, but still very recognizable. I ADORE his face! You can finally see his lips and his mouth... He looks awesome, he floats, he flies, he's like AWESOME times one hundred! Ermac has been among my top 5 since Deception and yet again he hasn't disappointed me at all.


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I love seeing him in here, he looks so great. His variations all look so much fun; I'll enjoy flying around with Spectral! I wasn't sure if he'd make it in, but I'm glad he has. =D


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He looks a bit weird floating all the time, but he still looks good. Some awesome moves too. Perhaps this is an alternate costume, because I also would like his mask on. I hope they do the classic character thing again with all the ninjas!


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Ermac lost his palette swap look since mkd. But i still want a mask on his face he will look way better