Epic win=epic fail


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Ok, so my story goes like this.

Before I got my copy of MK, I reserved the KE (which I didn't get:dong:). I contacted GAME.co.uk through email, to see if the codes were included. When I had to go to collect the standard edition, I just asked for the codes and they gave me them.

Today however, GAME contacted me, in response to my query. They misinterpreted my question, and gave me three more codes.:)

Here's the bad part. I don't know which one's which, and I want to know if I redeem it on XBL, but DON'T download it, can other people still use it so I can trade with them?


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If you put in the code on XBL but don't "redeem it" as in press OK or whatever, then you should be able to see what the code is for, and the code will STILL work for others. Just don't do it on Xbox.com

Hope this helps :)


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i thought i was the only guy who didnt get the MK! i also pre-ordered from game.uk... is there something wrong with this site?! it's been 7 days! what do i do?