Endings (Favorite, Least Favorite, Canon, Non Canon)


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So out of all the endings,
1. which did you find good and which did you find bad? Why?
2. Which was you favorite and which was your least favorite? Why?
3. Which are more likely to be Canon (even partially) and which are Non-Canon?

-Ermac's- I thought it was a pretty cool way to bring back Shang Tsung. Curious if Ermac survived that encounter!
-Johnny Cage- Raised my eyebrow, unlocking Edenians Long Life? Earth needs protectors for as long as they can!
-Kano- *Biased* but definitely one of my favorite endings. Kano is a Survivor but even he knows his luck will run out. Training a new generation for his brand of evil. brilliant, having his Son be his be his 1st student.
-Kenshi/Takeda's- Loved how it tied in both their stories and getting revenge on Daegon!
-Liu Kang- So not a LK fan but i thought it was pretty good. (Should been in a revenant form instead of his human form)
-Raiden/Kotal- Their endings were the BEST. Tied into one another and most likely the most Canon of them all
-Reptile- I enjoyed the fact that he was reunited with his race. Hope this is Canon and see what come of it
-Scorpion- Redeeming himself with harakiri only to be granted power to protect on of the many protectors of Earthrealm
-Sub Zero- Dragon Riders...YEAH baby...but could've made it less Game of Thronesy
-Jacqui Briggs- I thought it was pretty sweet that she was ordered to spy on Kotal

Least Favorite:
-Jax- Im sorry i just thought it was horrible, even if it did tie into Sonya's ending
-Kung Lao/Kung Jin- yes they're tied in but it was just blah to me. Didn't care for Kung Lao or Kung Jin being in the game
-Mileena- She was killed off in the game so we know her ending doesn't matter. Could have come up w/ something better IMO
-Quan Chi- Same situation as Mileena.
-Shinnoks- unfortunately didnt make sense to me
-Sonya's Besides seeing Kano in her dream torturing Cassie and Jax and Killing Jax, really just Blah
-Cassie- I didn't get the assassination of Shukinko

Canon Endings
Ermac, Jax, Johnny, Kano, Kenshi, Liu Kang, Raiden, Scorpion, Sonya, Sub Zero, Erron B, Jacqui B, Kotal & Takeda
*I know they all aren't 100% canon but i believe most of their endings have most truths. Something they can build on for the next game

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I liked most of them. I think overall it's the best set of endings MK has had.

The ones I see as probably canon or semi-canon:

Raiden/Kotal Kahn - This is probably the focus of the next game, though I doubt Kotal Kahn will literally relaunch the tournament. I do think we'll be on Outworld's side defending against Raiden, though.

Ermac - There's no doubt Shang Tsung is coming back, given how much he pops up in these endings. This is a smart way to do it.

Takeda/Kenshi - A nice way to wrap up that storyline and to do Daegon/Taven off-screen so we don't have to revisit them in-depth.

Sonya/Jax/Erron - I think Erron does kill Jax, setting up a rivalry between him and Jacqui to give both of them more of a storyline.

Kano - Nice way to replace him, if he and the other parents do end up being retired (I hope they will be).

Kitana - Hints from the writers on Twitter make me think Jade's appearance here (it looks like she's the one sending Kitana the vision) has some significance for future games. Kitana and Liu Kang obviously have a major role to play next game, in any event.

Mileena - Not actually canon, obviously, but the fact that Mileena's soul can apparently be transferred into other clone bodies is the easiest way to bring her back for the next game.

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Sonya - I absolutely loved the way it was so Criminal Minds-y / Hawaii 5-0y. Just felt so good to watch. Also to watch Jax die. :)

Cassie - Shujinko! I missed the old bag. Dead or not.

Erron Black - Yes. Kill Takeda and Kung Jin. Best ideas.

Jason - Ruthless and hilarious.

Least Favorite:

Tanya -
I wanted a RainXTanya king/queen of edenia and treachery ending, not a sell-out to live treachery ending. Oh well.

Sub-Zero - Just..What?

D'vorah - Babymama shinnok for MK11
Haven't gotten all the endings yet, but so far Jason is my favorite because it is perfect.
I love the Friday movies, I grew up watching them, and I'm one of those people who will adamantly protest when someone says that's he and Michael Myers pretty much the same character. I gotta say whoever was in charge of putting Jason in the game did a fantastic job. He fights like he should and he acts like he should.

For characters that actually count: I wouldn't say I liked Kitana's ending, but I think it was good. Soul crushingly depressing, but good. And I already felt bad for Kitana the first time I selected her and saw one of her fighting styles was mournful. Because her best friend is dead.
Tanya's was more or less what I was expecting. All of her character endings are betrayal. She's like Mystique, it's just kind of the thing she does.
Cassie's ending was pretty good too. I wouldn't mind Deception playing some role in the next game. Could be neat. I like to think Cassie didn't finish Shujinko off. I mean I don't love the guy, but I'm not a fan of killing off characters when they haven't been around for 4 games.

Mileena's was nice because even though it probably won't be 100% canon, it still shows that there's a good chance she'll be in the next game or the one after that. Not that I really thought she was dead forever anyway. Tarkatan are pretty hard to kill. I'm sure someone will staple Baraka's face back on and he'll be good as new
Sub-Zero's was just insane. In fact if I got to pick what was canon and not, I would pick this and Mileena's and have a spin off game where you control an army of ice dragon riding ninjas and have to fight off an invading force of psychically linked Mileena clones.
That's why I'm not allowed to be in charge of things.


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Most Surprised by Ermac. His ending was probably the best, and slightly unexpected. I knew Shang wouldn't stay gone. ;P

Most Disappointed by Mileena. Then again, she's my favorite, so I had higher hopes than most I'm sure. But, it also gave another hint at Shang's return.


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Tremor- If he is to be in the Next Installment and wasn't a one offer i believe his ending was partially cannon. I also think it might be a way to break him away from the Black Dragon and become his own character. (IMO they did an amazing Job with him)

Tanya- Considering she survived in her ending, I can see he being in the next game, starting off as Kotals prisoner but using her diplomacy skills to her advantage and either working with Kotal or escaping and plotting revenge

Mileena- Bc they killed her off in the story, I can see why her ending was crap. But you never know in MK, anyone can come back and i think it would be interesting if she was recreated with her previous memories. Or better yet, memories erased and kinda became a wildcard good guy?!


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Ermac's ending makes no sense to me. How would he be back when he was pretty much sucked into Sindel and killed with her. Shang is not even a big threat like Quan Chi. I could live without him returning. I mean what is gonna be his purpose? to get more souls after his kills Ermac just to get his ass kicked by someone like Liu Kang again?. We need a real threat for the next MK. So far Havik has potential to really make things interesting.


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I like most of them but the one I hate is Tanya's ending it is just a bland ending in my opinion. We all know she is a deceiver and what she did to Rain was sort of already told in the comics. The one I liked the most was Shinnok's it was the most intriguing to me.
Raiden Wins...

I like the idea of Raiden being a supervisory figure (thanks to conquests) in 'final conclusions,' so others such as Kung Lao and Stryker are 'free to roam.'



I don't care for Jason, Predator, Chainsaw Creep, Triborg (RIP Sektor and Cyrax) and Alien, THEY AIN'T MORTAL KOMBAT! Period.

My thought on the endings:

Bo Rai Cho's Ending: Kinda cute to see him train Reptile & other outworlders, but why would Ermac need a fat drunk farting idiot for lessons? Really don't like this character, and his ending is kinda boring and random. 2/5

Tremor's Ending: Really love the mention of the Dream World, and Tremor's team should be Tasia and Jarek, which also gained powers in the Dream World. I hope in MK11 we see more of the dream world. I love him being an Earth Elemental, I do not hope Tremor becomes a boring good guy, so please don't turn into the Earth God. 4/5

Tanya's Ending: While being one of my favorite characters, this ending is without surprise and without passion, very boring, and Ed Boon & CO just thought of a way to make her betray somebody... and don't kill my Rain please. I want both Rain and Tanya in MK11 so I hate this ending. 2/5.

Scorpion's Ending: Finally a good ending for Scorpion, while I love bad-guys much more than good-guys, I think Scorpion should be a good-guy. A champion of the Gods, that make Scorpion finally worth being so imporant. 4/5

Sub-Zero's Ending: Put in dragons, everything is cool with some dragons in it. Suits Liu Kang, not Sub-Zero, this isn't Game of Thrones, though I love those series, it has no part to play in MK, like EVER. Giving it a 2 because of the graphics of the pictures. 2/5

Takeda's Ending: Another Dragon, but this time it makes perfect sense to me. I love seeing Taven in their ending, and this may be good for MK11, I like them searching for the Red Dragon gang. 3/5

Sonya Blade's Ending: Lol, they really want to get rid of Jax, don't they? I think Jax won't be in MK11, as he dies in everyone's ending. NOt a bad ending, but pretty vague, like Sonya's MK9 ending. All this family drama however, belongs to the Bold and the Beautiful, not in MK. 3/5

Shinnok's Ending: Another Ghehehe, look at me being evil, look at me destroying the realms ending... Nothing to see really. Next. 2/5

Reptile's Ending: NO! Reptile must stay the last of his kind, I don't want other raptors in this game! Khameleon and Chameleon! Ed Boon & CO can't even write a good story for this poor fellow, we don't need more Raptors in MK, first give Reptile a good background story or future story. Otherwise this ending is OKish. 3/5

Raiden's Ending: Raiden becomes evil in all his endings... this is getting old, and boring Earthrealm crushing interesting Outworld? Hell no. Also, a 5 year old child could write a more interesting ending for Raiden. Pictures are pretty though, so a 2 for the trouble of drawing those artworks! 2/5

Quan Chi's Ending: So let me get this straight... They turned Raiden evil again, and like Shang Tsung in MK9, they turned the evil sorcerer into a hero for the elder Gods? Can it get any more repeative and boring? The artwork didn't save this boring ending, and the things you can do with this cool necromancer, don't turn him into a boring puppet for the WeDon'tGiveAShitElder Gods 1/5.

Mileena's Ending: Well here is a cool ending! Good to see we never really get rid of Mileena as she is many, the Ethereal power is really good for her, I love this, I can see her being an ethereal creature that can just take other bodies of herself after she dies that were created by Shang Tsung. They also mention her puppet-master, which must be Shang Tsung, I would love seeing Mileena and Shang Tsung working together in MK11. Throw Ermac with them as well. I don't think all clones should be awoken at the same time though, just one Mileena at the time, becoming stronger and smarter after each death and reincarnation. Much like the Marauders of X-Men comics. 5/5

Liu Kang's Ending: This is probably cannon. I don't like to see Earths former champion as bad-guy though, so I don't like this, I'd rather see Liu and Kitana being freed from their undead shells and returned to the good side. 2/5

Kung Lao's Ending: Yes, finally Scorpion got over his vengeance, and now we have revenant Kung Lao... No. I do like the part where Kung Jin frees his spirit. But just turn Kung Lao good again, being a bad guy doesn't suit him. 3/5

Kung Jin's Ending: It is cool to see that some of these endings are connected, but if one ending is boring, the other will too be bland. Though I'm kinda mixed on this endings, they are something I'd like, but still they don't really interest me at all. 3/5

Kotal Kahn's Ending: Another Mortal Kombat tournament in MK11? YES please! Bring it back to its roots and have this cool tournament, and this time not as chaotic as MK9's re-done tournament, it was a mess and chaos. Of all ending, I really hope this one is true the most. 5/5

Kitana's Ending: Beautiful pictures here! I LOVE that dress Kitana is wearing in the first picture, that is what a princess is like! Though I can understand that she can't fight wearing that lol, it makes for a beautiful picture anyway! A little bummer that nothing is said about the Jade-spirit on the background, they like to keep Jade a mystery lol! For pictures only this gets a 4/5

Kenshi's Ending: I'd rather seen something different for Kenshi, something with his sword or Shang Tsung, this ending is more something I'd like to see in MK11. 3/5

Kano's Ending: While I like this ending, I don't like they mention a Kano's brood. I've had enough family members and boring SOAP opera's in MKX, I don't want that shit in MK11. They should have used a REWORKED Kobra for his ending, or an adopted form. Kobra only failed because you made him look like Ken, give that guy another chance. Other for the Family points, this is a good ending. 4/5

Johnny Cage's Ending: I love this ending, this way they can make sure all cool characters gain Edenian lives and so won't age anymore, so stupid characters like Jacqui and Cassie aren't needed anymore as Sonya and Johnny get to live FOREVER. I love the pictures in this one, cool to see Johnny beat the hell out of those awesome characters! I do hope this is part of MK11. 5/5

Jax's Ending: They really hate Jax... I'd rather see his boring, bland daughter die a horrid death. So I hope this ending is false. 1/5.

Jacqui's Ending: The only good thing Jacqui has brought to MKX is her ending. But I hope this skull will kill her off at the start of MK11 in a flashback. I do hope they use the cursed skull in MK11 though, it looks promising, freaky and cool. Four points for the skull alone, jacqui is looking boring as always. 4/5

Goro's Ending: I'd like to see Goro as fair and noble creature, not a barbarian that attacks weakened forces and takes the spot on the throne. He likes fair battles unlike many other so this ending kinda feels unnatural for me. Though the art is stunning! 2/5

Ferra & Torr's Ending: While I like learning more about them, this is not what I want, Ferra being big is just wrong and ugly. But three points for the artwork and the background info on those awesome duo. 3/5

Erron Black's Ending: Cool background information about the characters is always a plus in my book. And while I hope the ending is true, I know it isn't true... Erron will probably only kill Jax. I would have hoped on something more for Erron Black in his ending though, but the beginning is very cool. 4/5

Ermac's Ending: Now THIS is a good ending! Atleast if Ermac doesn't die from that Shang assault. I hope Shang Tsung the shapeshifter of MK returns in MK11, and that he drains Ermac almost out of souls so Ermac becomes weaker in MK11 (so I don't have to rip out my hairs anymore if Ermac is beaten by punny humans like Stryker and Jacqui in the story mode) Leave just a single soul (Jerrod of Shao Kahn) untouched in Ermac's broken body and give him a new purpose (hopefully not a good-guy though, we already have two other telekinesis good-guys) 5/5

D'Vorah's Ending: Very dark and scary ending, I like it but I don't take it seriously, it won't happen of course in MK11. I do like the Alien-Like behavior of D'vorah though it is a bit obvious for insect-characters to use other bodies as host for their eggs. 4/5

Cassie Cage's Ending: I really can't care for this ending, so random, so boring... One of the worst ending in the game, some of the guest endings make more sense. Shujinko is one of my most hated characters, so seeing him dead gave some satisfaction, but I still hoped they didn't even mention his name in this game, even less show his non-changed boring image. 1/5

And that's all folks!

Best ending is Ermac for me personally, and Kotal as I want another Kombat Tournament, worst is Cassie Cage as I find it extremely random and boring, and i'm allergic to Shujinko.