Ed Boon and Goro in Code Monkeys


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I am a fan of G4TV's animated 8-bit series, Code Monkeys. For those of you who don't know, Code Monkeys is a show about the mis-adventures of developers Dave and Jerry. The show uses an 8-bit (melded with 16-bit backgrounds) style to that of a video game. All kinds of game references make it in that show and even famous developers in the industry lend their voices and likenesses.

Yesterday debuted a new episode. In it, the company Gamevision was shut down and the employees looked for new jobs at other game companies.

Dave and Jerry went to Midway games. Interviewing them was the man we all know and worship, Ed Boon. Before Ed could start interviewing them, Dave started off by insulting some of Midway's classics such as Rampage and Defender. Jerry liked the games Midway shipped out and tried to defend against Dave. Ed tells them that he could only give the duo entry-level jobs. Dave storms out, but then comes back threatening Ed to give them high paying jobs or he'll file sexual harrassment with Jerry as his witness. Ed gets mad and yells "Finish Them!". Goro then bursts through the wall, grabs both Dave and Jerry and throws them out the office window.

I don't have a link to the episode, but youo can probably find it on YouTube or G4TV.com
Aw, Goro? I guess he's impressive but I would have much rather had Shao Kahn do the defenistration.
I thought that episode was pretty funny, but the funniest one that I've seen is the one where Todd becomes Cock Goblin.
Yeah, in an episode of Code Monkeys Todd got a bunch of animals and kept on saying that. It was a really funny episode.