Easter Eggs/References In Injustice


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Here are some easter eggs and references I found in Injustice, which reference other DC Comics projects. I'm not going to put some of the more obvious references like the mentions of the "Knightfall" or "Death Of Superman" storylines. Feel free to add any ones I did not mention in the comments section.

1. Hawkgirl's and Solomon Grundy's clash dialogue towards each other is a direct reference to their friendship in the "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited" TV series.

2. Pressing START when choosing Batman's primary costume will change the color of the suit into black, which could be a reference to "The Dark Knight" movie and it's sequel "The Dark Knight Rises"

3. Batman's and Scorpion's clash dialogue towards each other is a subtle reference towards Netherealms Studio's previous game set in the DC Universe "Mortal Kombat Vs DC" in which both Batman and Scorpion were playable characters.

4. Another reference to "Mortal Kombat Vs DC" is that Darkside's costume is the same costume he wore in "Mortal Kombat Vs DC" in which he was an unlock able character

5. Quan Chi's amulet being in the background of the museum in the Metropolis stage is a reference to MK 9 and could also be considered as an easter egg towards MK 10

6. Pressing START when choosing Nightwing's "New 52" costume will change the color of the symbol from red to blue. This is a reference to Nightwing's costume prior to "The New 52" in which the symbol was blue