Easiest way to get Ladder Master achievement


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Obviously, set the rounds to one and timer to 30. I didn't have a single round time out doing it this way, though.

Pick Sektor. On almost every character this works flawlessly once you get a rhythm. Jump backward and do the teleport uppercut. 75% of the time, they try to throw a projectile to catch you on the fall. If you're fast enough, you'll go through the ground and hit them. then, do the away +2, then 1 attack combo. It does 19% damage. Immediately jump back and repeat over an over. Learn the timing and you dominate. It works on Shao Kahn as well, so the intimidation factor is voided. Just be careful on Kintaro/Goro. Do not jump back and do it so fast. Wait for them to open themselves up and them do it, or lead in with a jumpkick and then do the teleport combo.

I tried Sheeva and never could make it past match 5 or 6. Sektor flat out dominates!
There's plenty of character to cheap this with but it takes the challenge out of it.

The best cheap characters are probably Scorpion, obviously - followed by Ermac, Smoke, and Noob Saibot. Anyone with an evasive teleport and easy to master combos will work.
I just did this last night, the first try using Sektor and Sheeva. I never even needed to use Sheeva once!

I set the rounds to 1, and timer to 30. As often as possible, just jump backwards and do Sektors teleport move. The AI gets confused and tries to start an attack when you first jump backwards leaving them open for the attack...then follow up the teleport with the uppercut. I think out of all the fights, the AI blocked the teleport like twice.

The other key thing is to NOT tag in Sheeva (your second person) at all. The AI will switch characters throughout the fight, so even if for some reason you lose up to half your life with Sektor, you will still win when the time runs out since you have a full health bar on your 2nd person.

I honestly couldnt believe i pulled it off, and how easy Sektor made it. They'll probably patch these AI gaps soon so i would hurry if you're thinking of getting this one..hahaha
What's the point of achievements/trophies if you're just going to take the ***** route to get them? For Expert w/ no continues I did 2 rounds, 90 seconds. Nightwolf. Normal fighting. Skill. Makes the achievement/trophy much more gratifying.
What's the point of achievements/trophies if you're just going to take the ***** route to get them? For Expert w/ no continues I did 2 rounds, 90 seconds. Nightwolf. Normal fighting. Skill. Makes the achievement/trophy much more gratifying.

What does it matter to you how we get it? Some people just dont have hundreds of hours to invest in a title and want to maximize our enjoyment of it in whatever way possible. We're not affecting you in any way by how we get this trophy, so please take your e-penis size contest someplace else, thanks.
i'm trying to get this achievemnt without using any exploits with raiden. i easily manage to got through everyone up to kahn, but kahn is jsut bloody programmed to annoy you. i do the neccesary strategies against him which is to wait until he starts his animation of throwing his hammer or spear and immediately teleport behind him and do a 30+ combo. also what i usually do after that is just barrge him with 40+ combos once i get him in the corner. that is not the case on expert mode for some reason. evn in story mode i managed to beat jim on my first try but on expert it's like he has constant armour even when i catch him off guard while he is throwing a spear or teleport. i guess i'll beat him eventually but he just surprised me considered he was so much harder than he usually is and when compared to the other bosses.
I just do crossovers. Time it for when he starts an animation, crossover, press 1, chain it into your best combo. Rinse, repeat. With Nightwolf it was the 1,1, D,F,1 followed by a D,F,2. Over and over. Crossover and throw in an x-ray when you have it. Payday.
If you have troubles dealing with Shao Khan, just do a tag ladder, as the damage you deal is practically the same you would do on single. It's waaaay easier this way, got my trophy doing a simple Expert Ladder with my two favourite characters. Also, dealing with multiple Shao Khans in the Challenge Tower makes you stronger..
If you want to do it the cheap way Scorpion is way more appropriate than Sektor. When you jump backwards and they throw a fireball, TP>combo>spear>combo (+Xray if you have one available) for huge damage.
Honestly though stick to your character, doing it the cheap way is not fun. And anyway if you loose a couple of times during mission 300, the bosses spend their time taunting.
Good Luck ;)
SEKTOR IS THE EASIEST TO DO THIS TROPHY. I Promise you. tried many different characters. Sektor was truly the absolute EASIEST to get this trophy. very first try i did it. only needed smoke one time and it was for like 5 seconds. thank you. shao kahn was easy to, didnt even need smoke on him or kintaro. thanks again.