Earthgod from MK:M Sub-Zero returning in MK7? VOTE!! pic


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Please VOTE yes or no,

Question. Do you think it would be kool to return the MKM Sub-Zero Earthgod boss in a future Arcade game as possibly a SUB-BOSS?
I say no, only becasue when you introduce gods you introduce the idea of invincibility,, like really how can a guy from hollywood defeat a million year old god right, Raiden is enough
but i too will say good idea though
I say yes!
Sub Zero defeated four gods in one day!
and I would like to see not only the gods but also Kia, Sareena and Jataaka!
yes. they also should bring back fujin, or something like that. you know...the wind god from mk4 who is a fellow earth-protector god of raiden...
yes i think he would be cool along with the fire god and water god, but having them and radien and fujin would have too many gods so i dont kno
I don't know, I think having a few odd more gods in mortal kombat wouldn't hurt... I mean you could come up with a story line that means the gods are left as mortals, thus removing the problem of being immortal. Nothing is impossible!

BTW, I never got to play MK:sub Zero game, has anyone got pictures of the others gods in it, the one of fire and water... This is actually the first time I've seen the earth one, but I saw Fujin in mk4.
Raiden, Fujin, Shinnok, Ohona (earth god), Hinoka and Kumari, bring them all back i say huzzah :p

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No because it just wouldnt make sence to have more then one god in a MK game i mean Raiden is enough but its a cool idea though
I think anything over two gods is too much. Fujin and Raiden in a game is alright, adding anymore gods in there would just be garbage. So therefore I don't think it would be the best idea to add the Earthgod into the next Mortal Kombat game.

As for Angel, if this is the first time for you to see the Earthgod and you want to see the firegod and watergod go to my website and please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think of all the other sections in my site :)
Well look at it this way... Strickly speaking the current Sub wasn't in MK1, it was his bro... So yeah... He has missed one game.

but Seriously you'd get the same thing you had with Scorpion and MK3.