DTZ UMK3 Kombo Video #8 Maximum Damage!


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Well, it's finally here folks. Brought to you by myself, DreemerNJ, and our new partner in crime: ded_, The 8th Darktemplarz.com UMK3T project. This video includes over 50 combos, most of which are from UMK3 arcade, a handful are from MK3 arcade and Greatest Hits MKT for PSX. I don't have to explain any further, the video speaks for itself.

Much much much thanks to Sabretooth (AKA Battousai, Washu, RacerX319, etc) for the intro and the Ermacube.

here is the video:

www.darktemplarz.com/combovideos/ get ^^^^>maxdam.wmv

Shock, DreemerNJ, ded_

that was amazing!!!!! shit how did u do all that....wow` thats all i gotsta say

heythat german song do u have an mp3? or a name of the cd or artist i like it
OMFG! WTF? And all those other chatspeech anagrams! That was amazing! P.S. Oh! THAT'S what MaxDam means! MAXimumDAMage
There are two combovideos on the page with German songs, which video? Because there's Herzeleid, Kuss Mich, and Reise, all by Rammstein.

for anyone who saw the video when I first posted this, check it out again because I made some requested modifications.