Double flawless and Fatality?


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I just got a double flawless and did a fatality on the Pit in the demo and then
I fought the next person on the tower. April Fools. :razz:


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Hey for who ever gave me negative rep at least fess up and say "I can't take a joke" in the neg rep comment instead of just "."


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Apparently i am very suggestible at 4 in the morning because i actually thought that was pretty good.

Sir, what in gods name did you mean by Suggestible at 4 in the morning?

I'm PRETTY sure you meant...
"Apparently I am VERY gullible at 4 in the morning"

Yeah that's right, that just happened.


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ooow, I thought it was a question, like "was anybody able to pull of a double flawless and fatality yet?" thing...

did not see the april fools coming...

man i am so lame...



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Someone gave you negative rep?! hahahah.

I thought it was funny...although I would've saved the AF thing for later in the thread!