Does anyone know


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What is up with Dan Forden?
Okay, everyone says he doesn't say "whoopee", but i disagree.
I understand he says toasty, but in MK:T, there is a clear difference between what he says when you do a good combo ("whoopee") and when you do scorpion's fatality ("Toasty").
But I'm pretty positive he says both. Anyone know for sure??
In MK3/UMK3/MKT, he says Frosty! when you freeze your oppent with any of the Sub-Zeeos when they are in the Danger area of health...
I don't think he says "whoopee" or "whoopsee" or anything of those other odd things people have thought they've heard in MK2 and 3. I understand that it can sound that way, but more than likely they're just using more than one performance of the word "toasty" (similar to the couple different yells Raiden has for his flying torpedo).

I also think it's possible that it sounding more defined during Scorpion's "toasty" is simply a trick of the brain because you're actually seeing the word on the screen along with hearing it. That may sound ridiculous, but trust me, the brain works in odd ways like that. He's also obviously trying to make it sound as weird as possible, so even if it sort of sounds like something else, that doesn't mean he wasn't still aiming for "toasty".
Yeah, maybe you're right.
I just always thought of him as the guy in the purple shirt that pops out and says "WHOOPEEE". Lol, my world is crumbling.
Anyway, thanks for the insight. It was really bothering me. :\
I've always heard Toasty personally. I think it's just like people thinking Cyrax is talking in the MKA intro. People hear what they want to hear.